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Adventure the Perky Land Of Nepal

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Nepal is small country
well known for its exotic destinations of adventure, culture, pilgrimage and
wildlife attractions. It is one of the most amazing kingdom fully decorated
with lofty mountains and picturesque valleys meant for nature relish amidst the
diverse culture and traditional practices. Nepal tourism is exceptionally
beautiful and attractive compose with several wonderments that will enthrall
tourist, adventure seekers and vacationers.


in Nepal
is the largest industry of this awesome country of Nepal. The incredible wealth of
nature wonderments which offers immense of tourist excitement had made it one
of the top fascinating tour destinations which cannot be resisted by nature
lover and adventure seekers. The place gives delight to all its seekers whether
for adventure sports, tour excitement, sightseeing entertainments. Thus the
place has become a paradise estate for tourist ranging from the vacationers to
the honeymoon escapers all rush to it for its relish.



Kathmandu is the largest city of Nepal
which is well popular to be the capital of amazing cultural and artistic
heritage sites. The place is well sought to be an enchanting destination for
historical exploration and spiritual center. Thamel is an attractive site where
you can get a cozy home with good quality and at the best rate. Most of the
tourist visitors settle for shelter in this place. The Thamel’s main market
offers spectacular entertaining sites which your heart will linger in it

Pokhara Valley


It is one of the most picturesque valleys
of Nepal which offers
magnificent views of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre and five peaks of Annapurna. Tourism in Nepal in this lake of Tal which is found in this valley gives
an opportunity to experience fun filled activities like fishing, boating and





It is the birth place of Lord Buddha
apostolic of peace and non-violence. Thus there are many monasteries and
ancient marvels for capturing images. It is just 3 to 8 hours travel from Kathmandu. The place is also well visited by many foreign
tourists to study the greatness of the famous prophet Buddha the founder of
Buddhism. Most of the inhabitance of this country also practices Buddha but is
mix with many other cultures too which makes it alluring and colorful.


If you study on the Map of
you will find most of the land is covered with mountains and
hills which give an awesome attraction to the tourist who are waiting to thrill
adventurous places. Some of the highest mountain peaks are located in this
particular tourist destination. Mt.
Everest which is
considered to be the highest mountain with the height of 8848 meters from the
ground which is perfectly located in its mountain ranges attracts millions of
tourist to experience its breathtaking beauty and marvels.

The country offers excellent mountain
excitements such as trekking, hiking and jungle safari. Rafting and Kayaking is
also a common activity of vacation escapers. Nepal
is one of the most popular excitements rush by people from
across the world. One can choice the fully organized trekking and independently
trekking. Trekking in Rhododendron and Everest base is an unforgettable
lifetime experience. Adventure them once in life time and thrill you vacation
spare time.


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