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The More Expensive Restaurants

by RanaldRae

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central London, famed for its abundance of garden squares, Bloomsbury
is a district between Euston Road and Holborn, contained within the
boundaries of the London Borough of Camden. Because the area is slap
bang in the middle of the capital city and so there are tubes a plenty,
this area is very accessible from all directions. Because of the tourist
traffic, there are quite a few places to dine at.


good thing about London town is that people come here to make a living,
and there’s nothing better than the one off restaurants that are dotted
about the great capital. They strive to make it and whilst many stumble
trying, the ones that succeed are worth visiting. They put in so much
effort it’s commendable.  


five minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station, which is a
good meeting point if you’re dining with a Bloomsbury escort because
it’s very findable, you’ll stumble upon Savoir Faire. Over at SF. they
make a big point of pointing out that it is not a chain restaurant and
is simply a one off. Because they have to rely on word of the mouth, the
value for money and quality of the food is up there with some of the
more expensive restaurants in the area. They handmake all of their food,
including breads and condiments, on the premises. Everything is also
made using natural ingredients, and are proud to say they never use
precooked food nor do they add any preservatives. Eat that, McDonald’s!
But don’t eat McDonald’s with a girl from Bloomsbury escort - you’re on a
date, not with your mates.


know a restaurant is posh, and but surprisingly not out of your price
range, when you don’t really understand the menu. It has all those
dishes that I’ve heard mentioned so many times and in varying contexts,
but I actually have no idea what they are. If a dish sounds similar to
one that I’ve heard of, I just assume they’re the same thing. At the
Savoir Faire, they serve
Pan Fried Foie Gras served with Caramelised Apple on warm Brioche.
So in MY head, Foie Gras sounds a bit like Petit Filous, so I have
always assumed it must be some kind of small yogurt. Sadly this is not
the case, and actually refers to something made of the liver or either a
goose or duck that has been synthetically or naturally fattened. I hope
this helps if you were suffering from the same imposition. It’s also a
good bit of knowledge to impress your companion when on a date with an
escort in Bloomsbury.

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likes to document the wonderful and the fabulous of the Escorts In Bloomsbury.
With a BA in Journalism, He is a regular contributor to Paddington Escorts.

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