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Out and About in Southfields

by adneyalex

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is a pretty district in the suburbs of Wandsworth, in south-west
London. It’s close by to Wimbledon and Putney, which are both very well
known areas; Wimbledon is, of course, home to the annual tennis
tournament, and Putney is home of the boat race between Oxford and
Cambridge Universities. Both of these events attract thousands of people
from around London and from the rest of the United Kingdom; some even
travel from abroad to visit these summertime competitions. Around this
period, Southfields taxis see a huge spike in their business.


the neighbouring areas are so popular, the prices are generally higher;
when you visit a hotel or a restaurant, you expect to pay more in
central London than you would in the suburbs. For this reason, many
prefer to stay somewhere like Southfields during a visit to London. It
can actually be a relief not to be right in the middle of the hustle and
bustle all the time, which is inescapable when you’re in the city or in
Westminster! Although it’s exciting and energising to be in the thick
of it all, especially when you’re not used to being in a big city,
having accommodation within easy travelling distance gives you the best
of both worlds. A taxi to Southfields from the city centre is quick and
affordable, so a lot of visitors choose to do this.


those who commute regularly and like to use public transport as well as
Southfield taxis, there is also a tube station here on the District
Line. It’s just a few stops away from Earls Court (where you can change
for central London locations), and the line has stops at other popular
areas including High Street Kensington, Embankment and Tower Hill.
London Underground services don’t run overnight, so the other option is
to take a bus; make sure you check the timetables before you travel so
you’re not left waiting all night! Although it’s not as crowded as some inner parts of London, Southfields still has all of the facilities and amenities you could want for. There is a wide range of cuisine from the numerous restaurants in the area, as well as wine and cocktail bars, traditional English pubs and clubs, creating a vibrant night life. With so many advantages, this area is becoming
more and more popular - both to live in and to visit. Taxis in Southfields are available around the clock, so there’s easy access to all the great areas nearby too.


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