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Should You Be Arrested for Drunk Driving?

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While most of us are taught from an early age that if you commit a crime, you must accept the consequences without question, when it comes to the law, this assessment is a little too black-and-white to be true. The law is a highly complex system, and as such, it’s full of technicalities. Just because you were drinking and got behind the wheel of a vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you will or should be convicted of DUI. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, how can you be sure that a Winston-Salem DUI lawyer will be able to help?


First and foremost, drinking laws vary from state to state. What constitutes a DUI in Winston-Salem, NC might be different in a neighboring state. So before you take any action of your own volition, consult with a Winston-Salem DUI lawyer about the particulars of your case and the legality of consuming alcohol before driving in your state. Many people are shocked to know that even if it turns out that the amount of blood alcohol was illegally high, there are still a few factors that could potentially enable a suspected DUI driver to go free.


Plenty of people fail to factor time into whether or not they should be convicted for a DUI. In fact, some of us do the exact opposite of what could potentially allow our case to go over more smoothly in court. DUI lawyers recommend that you don’t lie to the police if you’re suspected of DUI. When pulled over by law enforcement and asked whether they’ve had a drink, plenty of people will attempt to soften the blow by telling the officer that their last drink was actually quite a while ago. But DUI lawyers say this actually does a lot more harm than good.


It takes alcohol a certain amount of time to be absorbed and metabolized by the human body. Because of this, it’s possible to have had quite a few drinks just before a drive and still technically be sober. If you’ve had a few drinks immediately before getting into your car, then your body is still processing the alcohol while you drive, and you may not be technically intoxicated yet. You’ll quite possibly qualify as intoxicated later when you’re given a sobriety test, but the law forbids driving while intoxicated—not driving before the alcohol has had time to sink in and make you intoxicated.


Remember, if and when you’re pulled over for a DUI in Winston-Salem, say and commit to nothing, and let your Winston-Salem DUI lawyer handle all the heavy lifting.


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