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Enchant the Ultimate Sensual Pleasure through the Seduction

by ethanvalentino

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“All great lovers are articulate and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction,” quotes Marya Mannes.


A Greek God or a much-coveted Prince Charming may not always charm a woman. Gone are the times when those mesmerizing six-pack abs and killer looks were enough to attract a woman. A geek can also be a neck-to-neck competitor in this war of romance, so it is the high time to be a maestro of seductive texting. One can enchant their mistress with the magical skills and trap her in the world of ultimate pleasure through seduction. To master that language of surreal seduction and captivate all the women out there, here is an extract from a mystical seduction guide by Ethan Valentino and the key to induce that ladylove, chasing you ecstatically.


An explorer of femininity, Ethan Valentino says -

  • Originality in Words – There is nothing more fascinating for a woman than a few original appealing words from a man. One can make the opposite sex go weak in her knees by texting a few seductive, yet creative lines. So, be original because women find all those cliché lines pathetic and not at all sexier. Might a few girls would fall for them but not that luscious one for sure.


  • Whispering Text - Hypnotize a woman with the string of bizarre words to make your way to next level of intimacy. Master the trick to text your girl with sensually puzzled words in a whispering way and it will leave her spellbound as if she has drunk a potion of obsession. Nothing in the world works as powerful as the magic of words without the voice, just the minimal texting style makes her longing for you, when it comes to the picking affairs. The seduction guide helps to ensure that one can be victorious in getting the woman they desire. Moreover, one’s texting charisma will utterly magnetize a woman to fall for more and more for right now.


  • The perfect Timing – Now, when you have mastered the art of ingeniously baffling her heart, top that with the perfect approach in perfect timings. The flawless use of the best erotic, mushy and quixotic words at the right timings will act as the last but the most powerful weapon to make her fall into your trance. One should let the flow of seduction through words and it will hardly take any time when she is all yours.


This texting seduction guide from Ethan Valentino is the ultimate tool to drool over a woman’s heart. Visit to explore more about surreal seduction.

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