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Surveillance Gadgets to Catch an Erring Nanny

by jorgekeely

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Here’s the scene: you find your child with a bruise and he can’t explain where he got it – or maybe he’s afraid to tell you. As he tells his story and reading between the lines, you suspect that the person responsible for this is his nanny. Talk to your child. However, if he is too hesitant, you can find out by yourself. You can use spy gadgets and security camera (Camerabeveiliging in Dutch) systems to confirm your guesses.



1. Security Camera (Beveiligingscamera in Dutch). You can monitor the nanny’s actions by using a hidden camera. However, they can come in different objects that will not provoke any suspicion. They can be in form of stuffed toys, picture frames, and clocks. Even if you can’t stay at home all the time, you can still view what’s going on from any location for as long as there is an internet access.
2. Audio Recorder. This gadget can be installed in your kid’s playroom, bedroom or in the area where they usually frequent. It can be discreetly installed in any location such as beneath the table, in the wall or behind an object. The audio recorder can also come as a pen, a toy or an air freshener. There are also security camera systems which come with an audio recording feature.
3. Webcam. If you have a computer in the room where your child and the nanny frequent, you can use the webcam for monitoring. Aside from video, there are also models which enable audio capture. It can be remotely accessed and manipulated from another location. Check the computer webcam if it works properly before deciding whether to buy a new one or not.


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