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The Opulent City Where You Can Indulge

by vinaykumar4670

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Dubai at first instance may look an opulent hub where haves are having a bash of their lifetime. But in closer scrutiny, things are not that expensive alone. There are provisions for tourists with reasonable budget to enjoy the attractions of Dubai but may be not Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab claims to be hotel of seven star facilities.

Fabulous sky scrapers, extravagant shopping sprees, sandy beaches, engineering wonders, historical monuments, desert safari  - the attractions Dubai offer are numerous. Dubai covers a lot of experiences in a small area. Dubai tours let you experience everything from large state-of-the art leisure and retail malls to sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush green parks and the enduring tranquility of the desert. All these happen mostly in a sightseeing trip of single day.

Dubai is known as the “shopping capital of the middle east”. Dubai Holiday Packages give you an opportunity of lifetime to engage in an extravagant shopping spree. Dubai houses more than seventy shopping malls. This includes Dubai Mall which is the seventh largest shopping mall of the world. The other big shopping malls in the city are Deira City Centre, Midriff City Centre, Burjuman, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall. It is said the best things to buy in Dubai are textiles, electronics and gold. Electronics goods are considered to be cheaper, while in textiles and gold, there is wide range of selection.

Dubai homes specimens of various architectural styles. Many modern interpretations of Islamic architecture can be found in Dubai. Dubai of late concentrated on construction activities and architectural innovations. There was a boom of sorts. As a result of this modern Islamic architecture has attained new levels in skyscraper building design and technology. Dubai now boasts of more completed skyscrapers than any other city. The crescendo of this boom was reached with the completion of Burj Khalifa. Standing at about eight hundred and thirty meters, it is the tallest building of the world. The design of Burj Khalifa is inspired from patterning systems embodied in Islamic architecture.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours are the single most adventure you can have in Dubai. Expert desert drivers will take you in SUVS to desert. They will drive you among sand dunes. If you do not mind getting car sick, they may engage in dune bashing. After the ride you are taken to a vantage point to witness sunset and in the night, a party complete with traditional Arabic cuisine and dance and music is offered. Desert  Safari tours are conducted on camels also.

The tradition that governs Dubai is Khaliji. Dubai is also known for Bedouin folk music. While celebrating, there is a lot of singing and dancing. Many of the traditional dances have survived till now. Yowalah is one among them. Men take part in it re-enacting battles or successful games symbolically using sticks, swords or rifles.

The places to visit in Old Dubai are Al Ahmadiya School in Deira, Bastakiya District, Dubai Museum,  Jumeirah Mosque and Shindagha District. Apart from Burj Khalifa and shopping malls, the prominent attractions in modern Dubai are  Dubai Fountain, Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai Marina and Palm Islands.

Tourists can engage in water sports in the beaches of Dubai. They can enjoy skiing in the artificially created snow in skiing centers.

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