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Indian commercial vehicle Industry

by terra25

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In any country’s growth, Commercial vehicle industry  plays a vital role. It reflects the active industrial state and also  the GDP. In India the industry has recorded a growth of more than 30%  consecutively in last two years even after facing a huge setback in  economy. Goods carrier has been ruling the domestic CV industry over the  passenger carriers as usual.
The industry is divided into the segments like Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV), Light Commercial Vehicles, Medium Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles.  It is forecasted that apart from the Goods Carriers, business through  private operators and Corporate or Institutional purchase will gear-up  the passenger carrier division too.
SCV leads the Goods carrier application followed by the Light Commercial vehicles. The infrastructural development will uplift the Medium and Heavy commercial vehicle segments in the days to follow.
Although the rail transportation is cost  effective and increasing reasonably at good pace but there are several  areas where still the road transport is preferred and thus it remains  almost unaffected in areas like foods, grains etc are carried through  road transport. One major reason to prefer this is that it connects to  the last stop of the material. So this trend is a reason to pull more  business for commercial vehicle industries.
There are several more reasons to believe that Commercial Vehicle industry will grow in the time to come. One of the reasons will be the  replacement of old vehicles. Most of the vehicles in today’s time are  old enough of their age. As per the government rules, a vehicle should  be replaced after the age of 15 years, so this would bring significant  sales for the commercial vehicle manufacturers.  Another reason is that now the vehicles available in the market are  more reliable technologically and also give a better mileage, which is a  main consideration for buyers.
Although it is going to be a good time for the commercial vehicle industry, the manufacturers need to prepare themselves for a tough  competition. In the past, no foreign players were allowed to enter in  the Indian market, but now the scenario has changed significantly. Now,  since overseas manufacturers have started to enter in the Indian market  with a strategic tie-up with the local brands, there is going to be a  good competition for all. Now the overseas manufacturers, through the  tie-up, understand the local market with the help of their Indian  partner and then provide the suitable and strong product with advanced  technology in the market.
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