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About Temco Jets and Sucker Gun

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The manufacturing industry for automotive fabrics and upholstery uses Temco jets in single step extruders. These jets need a high speed, heat treated, stable alloy as the source material. The jets require precision machines for their production. Therefore, one will find that the manufacturer of Temco jets will invariably have precision machines in addition to a well setup metallurgical analysis laboratory along with equipment related to the field of metrology. Those that are interested in accessing these jets must therefore ensure that the manufacturer has all these requisites besides ISO 9001 certification so that only the jets possessing superior quality are purchased. Further, the better manufacturers of Temco jets will supply replacement jets for all the major extruder brands. A couple of these brands are Neumag and Reiter. These professional manufacturing units generally produce idler rolls and sucker gun besides interlacing jets and several other parts that demand precision engineering for their production.

The manufacturing units that are involved in production of such precision products have to invest heavily in expensive and superior quality machinery that will enable them to produce high quality jets, such as Temco jets. The jets have to be durable and one must try to order jets that also cost by as much as 15% less than the parts obtained from the OEM. While looking out for a reliable supplier one must also ensure that the supplier has the right kind of transportation facilities. This will prevent unnecessary delays in receiving assignments.

The sucker gun or the suction gun is used in various extrusion applications involving melt spun yarns that include nylon, PP, PE and PVC among other yarns. These come in different forms that include the wall mounted and the handheld varieties. When buying the sucker gun one must ensure that the cost paid for is substantially lower compared to the European models. Suppliers have options in these guns depending upon their tip materials such as Delrin and plain steel with tool steel inserts as well as their tube lengths. On offer are sucker guns such as the 96-025V4 and 96-025 NV3 variants. These aspirators can handle up to 50,000 total denier and speeds up to 8,000 meters/minute quite easily.

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