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Hygiene and Diet Play Most Important Roles in Acne Care

by firstworld

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Hygiene and diet play the most important roles when it comes to proper acne care. Let's take a look at both hygiene rules and dietary standards to follow in order to have clear, beautiful skin that radiates health.
Thumbs up for hygiene!
Wash your face first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Use a soft soap or a special anti-acne cleansing product that has neutral pH and does not dry the skin. Dryness usually aggravates acne, and so does sebum excess. This means that the skin should be correctly moisturized.
Choose a natural moisturizer. Commercial products often contain a high number of synthetic ingredients or chemicals that do not have any therapeutic or health-directed role. They just give texture, softness, consistency and scent to the moisturizer. Lots of people prefer using extra virgin olive oil instead of a day or night moisturizer.
The correct choice of make up products represents another important aspect of anti acne care. Always buy quality products that let the skin breathe. Do not apply too thick a layer of makeup, so as to make sure that the skin breathes and the pores don't get clogged.
You should never apply makeup on fresh acne lesions so as not to aggravate them.
Don't squeeze the zits and try not to touch your face at all, in order to prevent the bacterial infection from spreading out.
Balance your diet!
Although diet is only indirectly related to skin problems, what you eat or what you don't eat becomes very important for acne care. Why? Because food can speed up recovery or intoxicate the body. This is why the more natural the food choices, the higher the body resistance to infections.
Give up junk food because it's the major trigger of overweight and a number one polluting agent for the body!
Eat raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads, desserts and snacks!
Cut down on refined sugars because they cause chaos in the body. Their only good part is that they taste great, but in reality, they poison the body. And all the toxins are eliminated through the organs and the skin. The more toxins in the system, the more easily the pores become clogged and chances for acne outgrowth get higher.
You can further support acne care by eating valuable fats such as butter, fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) which you can take from tuna, salmon, sardines or flax seeds, cold pressed olive oil, nuts and wholegrain cereals.
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