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Interesting Facts About Perfumes

by kunwarpal

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Perfumes are the best accessory one can have. Perfumes help you to smell good and leave a good impression on people around you. It’s not about special occasion but people do wear perfumes in daily life as well. Perfumes also depict your mood and help you to express your feeling through the fragrance.   You might have observed that a perfume that suits your friend might not suit you. It’s just because perfumes enter our body from pores and react with our body chemistry and then makes a distinguish effect. Everyone has different body chemistry and that’s why a perfume has different effects on different bodies.  

There are few interesting facts about perfumes that everyone must know. First of all we should know about the characteristics of a good perfume. A good perfume is something you can smell easily after applying it on your body. People around you should notice the fragrance. Wearing a good perfume ensures you of its last long effect of the fragrance. Before buying a fragrance one should apply that perfume on his skin and then wait for few hours to check how it performs on your body.  

As we have already discussed that every perfume has entirely different effect on different people. So, your diet, lifestyle, sense of smell and many other factors can affect your body perfume. Strength and quality of perfume has nothing to do with the effect it has on people. You must know that women have better sense of smell than men. Sometimes an old perfume gives nostalgic feeling; it’s because smell memory is much more effective than visual and taste memory.  

Perfumes have highest effect in afternoon as the sense of smell gets better in this time. Old people have weak sense of smell than younger people. If you have oily skin then fragrance will automatically last longer on your body. People with dry skin should apply Vaseline or creams on their body before applying perfumes.  

Perfume is the strongest among all the categories of fragrances. After perfume its Eau d Parfum on second position, followed by Eau de Toilette and then Cologne. One should apply perfumes on their pulse points for their better effects. You should spray the perfume in air and then walk into its mist so that you get the perfume all over your body.  

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