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CD Duplication Solutions for Your BusinessMost modern busine

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Most modern businesses in the 21st century have to deal with digital optical media of some kind or the other. Be it storing or sharing data, or distributing information among clients, customers and partners – the need for suitable optical media remains one of supreme importance.
In this regard, services like CD duplication and DVD replication are much sought after these days. These processes, diverse as their names are, essentially involve copying of data onto multiple optical media from one master source. One of the easiest examples to understand is that of commercially available music CDs or film DVDs. They are nothing more than precise copies of an original CD or DVD (which is usually known as the Master Version).

Most of us know about personal CD copiers that many modern computers come equipped with these days. The process of CD duplication uses a very similar technology, only in larger measures. CD duplication is a good option when your requirement is limited and you want a fast turnaround. The process involves writing the data on blank CD-R media with laser and with powerful copier systems capable of handling multiple discs at the same time, the entire job can be completed in a really short time.
DVD replication, on the other hand, uses a very different process. Ideal for large volume orders and usually involving a slightly more complicated series of steps, DVD replication starts with the transferring of data to a glass master, which is then used to create a metal stamp that presses the data into plastic injection moulds, before a reflective layer of aluminium is coated on the back surface to allow the player’s laser to read it.

Whatever be the nature of your requirement, there are many excellent service providers to be found in most parts of the world today. Some of the best ones among them provide you with a complete range of services in digital data management and duplication, including mastering and re-mastering, duplication and replication, packaging, video conversion and mastering, data and media conversion, memory stick customising and more. Just get in touch with one of them and get all your data duplicated and packaged, ready for distribution.

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