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The Car that Shines Like Sparkle Speaks a lot about the Owne

by davidfue123

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Ron had to go for a date with his girlfriend in the afternoon. He was really in a fix as to what to do.  Firstly he had to muster up all the courage in the world to ask his dad to lend him the car. His father is very possessive about his car and wouldn’t let anyone touch it. So he really had to beg his dad that he really wanted to take his girl out in a car to create a good impression on him. The father relented finally on seeing his son being so adamant. So he gave him a list of dos and donts. Firstly you’ll not drive too fast; any speed above 60 is a big no no. Yes father, was all Ron could answer. You’ll bring the car back to the garage in 6 hours, yes father and Ron jumped with joy. But his father had an ace up his sleeve. You’ll return the car spotlessly clean as it is right now, or you’ll never get it again. His face dropped a little but then he remembered something and went ahead to pick the car keys.

The date went fine, and they went to a river side with a picnic basket to enjoy the sun and the view there. But the area was a little dirty and the tyres got all muddy and Ron had a hint of worry on his face, but all was within control. It suddenly started raining and the car was dirty from the bumper to the tail light. He dropped his girl friend home, and went to a car wash as was his initial plan.

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And when the car reached Ron’s dad’s garage, he was so wide eyed to see the sparkling car, that he just smiled and said, son I think you have grown up and can take the car out when you need to, because you take care of it better. 

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