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How To Treat Semen Discharge After Urination Naturally?

by paytonpolking

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Semen discharge after passing of urine is a disorder which may lead to various complications in future. It may make one incapable of performing in bed, and cause impotence. The passing out of semen during or after semen is a condition warranting immediate attention. The condition signifies that the reproductive system is strained and stressed. If left unattended it leads to pain in the genitals when it goes erect for sexual performance. Quite possibly the erection comes to an end quickly. This disorder is more common in women than men as the urinary tract of women are more susceptible to infections. However, the discharge of urine with urine or after urination is curable.

Excessive masturbation due to which the prostate gland is strained beyond limit is the major cause of semen discharge after urination. The gland is pushed to secrete semen too frequently, and it tends to do so again and again. Those indulging in too much hand practice are easily sexually aroused, and the prostate gland produces semen accordingly which is not ejaculated. Since it cannot be stored it passes out after or during urination. Erotic thought, literature, fantasies, conversations, and other materials cause the gland to produce semen which is not ejaculated, and that semen comes out along with urine. The thick, slippery, whitish fluid at the tip of the genital organ after urination shows discharge of semen after urination.

Healthy diet, physical activities, and staying away from unnecessary stimulation can lead to curing of this disorder naturally. However, one can use NF Cure and Shilajit capsules to get rid of this disorder. These are herbal products made of natural herbs containing amazing medicinal and healing properties, and provide the required nourishment to the genitals as well as the entire body. Kawach Beej, Safed Musli, Kesar, Shilajit, Pipal are some of the herbs which are the ingredients of NF Cure capsule while Shilajit capsule contains 500 grams of pure Shilajit extract. All these herbs combine to provide immense strength and stamina to the person. They enhance blood circulation, strengthen pelvic muscles and genital nerves, and energize the whole body. These capsules not only cure semen leakage after urination but also other complications arising out of this disorder. Shilajit taken with NF Cure capsule has amazing effects on the sexual power.

They are highly effective in curing the semen discharge disorder in men as well as in women. Two capsules each of NF Cure and Shilajit capsules twice daily for three to four months are recommended for best results.

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