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Why It Bodes Well for You To Buy a Luxury Car

by basilglenn

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The entire auto market is still reeling from the effects of the Great Recession, and the luxury car sector is no exception. Still, luxury carmakers are hoping that their lengthy history of top notch engineering, performance, and brand cachet will be enough to convince potential buyers that their cars are worth the steep price.

Like any other vehicle purchase, however, the type of luxury car you purchase will depend on how you intend to use it. For sure, not everyone who owns a luxury vehicle cares about their superior handling or taking them to a Lansing MI car repair specialist to ensure that they're in top condition. There will always be those who simply want to be seen driving them – but there's more to luxury cars than just prestige.

These vehicles offer the best safety options in the market, not to mention the most advanced entertainment technology, the plushest interiors, and the widest choices for customization. This is not to say that moderately priced cars aren't safe or don't offer first-class amenities. It's just that with the standard features like headrest-mounted DVD players and heated leather seats, luxury cars exude a certain amount of allure.

Luxury cars also have enough credibility to make consumers want to splurge on new innovations. Arguably this area is where luxury car brands greatly excel. Electronic stability control, anti-lock brake systems, and blind-spot warning systems all trickled down to the general car market after they were introduced in luxury vehicles.

If that's not enough to convince you to go luxurious, consider the results of a study by university researchers that revealed men who drive expensive cars tend to be more attractive to women. In the study, women were showed pictures of the same man sitting in two cars—a battered Ford Fiesta and a silver Bentley Continental. More often than not, women picked the man with the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford.

There's no doubt that luxury cars are here to stay. These vehicles have made their presence felt strongly in the international market, and many have taken notice. Today, as the world recovers from the recession, high-end vehicles are again rising in popularity, bringing more prospective buyers to Lansing luxury car sales dealerships. For more on luxury cars, visit

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