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10 Best PHP Cheat Sheets for Quick Development

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The frequent changes in the lifestyle and choices of modern users have made website development complex and time-consuming. But server side scripting languages like PHP have made it easier for developers to rapidly build robust websites, web applications and web services. They also have option to use PHP frameworks to avoid writing longer lines of code. However, each developer has to concentrate on optimizing the look, feel and performance of each web page. So, developers often refer to PHP Cheat Sheets to get information about the key topics in the server side scripting language immediately.

10 Best PHP Cheat Sheets for Quick Web Application Development

php development services, php programmers, php web development1. AddedBytes PHP Cheat Sheet: The PHP Cheat Sheet launched by AddedBytes is currently in version 2. You can use the one-page reference sheet as a quick reference guide for PHP functions, regular expression syntax, date formatting argument listing, and common functions.

2. PHP Basics Quick Reference Sheet: DreaminCode has designed the PHP Basics Quick Reference Sheet for both experienced web application developers and beginners. A user can download and refer to the cheat sheet to easily understand the syntax and details of functions, classes, and tasks used commonly in PHP web development.

3. Online Sheet Cheat for PHP 5: The PHP 5 Online Cheat Sheet launched by the Server Side Magazine is currently in version 1.3. You can refer it to understand type, string, array, class, date/time, and predefined variables in the PHP. Also, the online cheat sheet explains each concept in a concise but clear manner.

4. Apple MAC OS X Widget PHP Cheat Sheet: Many PHP developers are switching Mac OS X Widget development to target the latest trends in user choice. But the PHP developer needs some additional knowledge and skill to build these widgets. Apple has launched the PHP Cheat Sheet in widget form to make it easier for developers to get information about date formatting and regular expression syntax. A programmer also has option to select useful information through a menu.

5. Daniel Cheat Sheet: The PHP cheat sheet designed by Daniel can be downloaded from on PNG or PDF format. The website also aims to acts as a directory of quick reference cards and free cheat sheets. So both experienced PHP programmers and beginners can visit the website to access updated and relevant information.

6. VisiBone Skinny Sheet: The PHP Skinny Sheet can be downloaded from VisiBone website by paying $10. The PHP cheat sheet covers several important topics like strings, regular expressions, MySQL, forms, classes, time & date, math, arrays and types.

7. VisiBone PHP Big Book: Visibone also allow developers to buy an 8-page comprehensive PHP Cheat Sheet in both laminated and un-laminated format. In addition to the content of PHP Skinny Sheet, the book also includes additional information. It also includes loads of functions and other features, self-testing example, and literal example for all types.

8. DZone PHP RefCard: The PHP cheat sheet, written by Bradley Holt, was recently upgraded to help the PHP 5.4 developers. The writer has covered some of the key topics in the widely used scripting language. But he has explained each concept in a clear and simple way to make the topic understandable by both experienced programmers and beginners.

9. Emezeta Card PHP Cheat Sheet: Unlike the other PHP Cheat Sheets, the Emezeta Card PHP Cheat Sheet is written in Spanish. However, a developer has option to translate page into English, in addition to downloading the file in both PDF and PNG format. The information mentioned in the reference card will be of great help to both experienced and novice developers.

10. PHP Security Check List: In addition to developing a robust web application, the developers also have to choose the best features to keep it safe, secure and inaccessible. The PHP Security Check List available at the will help the programmers to identify the common mistakes that can make the website vulnerable to malware attacks and hacking. Also, the checklist will ensure that the programmers have takes adequate measures to strengthen the security of their application.

Each developer can always refer to multiple PHP Cheat Sheets to gather more and detailed information on various topics. However, the programmer must download the latest version of the reference cards to get more relevant and updated information about the latest version of PHP.

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