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Benefits Of Using Beer Tap Control To Increase Profits And M

by businesssolution93

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Studies have implied that an organization looses up to 5 % to 50 % of the beer due to the fact of an unaccounted range of sales and slapdash over-pours in the container of beer. These facts are serious enough to look at as these small losses will incur a huge loss in total at the end of the year. This loss is equivalent to losing about 1 glass out of 4 glasses and the bartenders, managers and the staffs are solely responsible for this loss. Proper Beer Monitoring is to be done to mitigate this loss of the organization.

Importance of using Beverage Control System

The Beverage Control System has the ability to supervise the amount of the total beverages that are dispensed from the tap and also aids to reconcile the cost of the sales in the POS system. The system is highly beneficial and aids in mitigating the losses incurred and increases the profit of the operator. It performs as a system for inventory management and assists in supervising records more effectively. The information can be accessed from any parts of the world with the help of online connection.

Benefits of the system

• They are reliable and accurate monitoring which implies reduced loss and it also dissuades theft.

• Inventory control management is applicable to this system and can be done from multiple locations.

• Notifications, reports and alerts at the time of need are provided by the system.

• The accuracy of calculations is 99%

How does the system work?

The flow meter of Beer Tap Control starts as soon as the beer is poured from the taps. It counts the ounces of the total beer poured from the taps and then encrypts the data. On the other side, POS or Point of Sale records each and every transaction of sales. The sales are also transferred to the analyzer in encrypted format. After that both the sales data and the pour quantity are analyzed by the server and finally the information is updated in the system which are accessible from anywhere with the help of online account.

Thus Draft Beer Control system helps to keep track of every ounce of beer that is poured. It is an online service; hence the service information can be tracked from any part of the world by just having an online account. The system is the easiest way possible to use. They reduce even the smallest chance of over-pours and therefore increase profitability.

The Beverage Control System is highly beneficial and aids in mitigating the losses incurred and increases the profit of the operator. Look at the

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