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Evaluating the right microfiber mop

by swethar

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Technology has been playing an increasing role in daily lifestyle of people in the past couple of years. To make homes healthier, improved cleaning tools are being developed but the basics still remain the same. The first moping technologies were used back in the 19th century and the process though a bit modified still remains largely the same. The string mop first came in 1893 and is still used in several homes. In the recent years a new modified design of the string mop has come up by the name of microfiber floormopping.

The first mopping technology was first used in used in Sweden more than 15 years before China and Korea advocated it. The system fast became a popular method of cleaning in European countries due to its innate ability to clean without the use of chemicals. The microfiber mop is constructed using the flat mop and enables the fibers attract dirt, dust and bacteria and hold on to them until the mop is finally laundered. Once the concept was recognized, people began using flat mops and it became a tool that brought forth a series of advantages. The process was cheap, increased productivity and had other economic advantages. Also with the onslaught of the community acquired infections in hospitals, microfiber floor mops helped reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Recently, further improvements have been brought to the microfiber floor mop technology. The speed cleaning systems popular nowadays makes use of deep groove technology providing unique benefits. Due to the one polymer construction, homeowners can ensure bleach safe laundering. Added to it is the advantage of a multi fiber blend that helps with additional absorption which is protected by a fiber that inhibits further growth of bacteria in the mop itself. The blend is highly resistant to Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus.

Advantages of microfiber floor mop against conventional mops

The flat mop system that was introduced in US hospitals 10 years ago. With microfiber floor mop, the fibers are placed in the bucket with approximately three gallons of water with other soluble disinfectants. Dirt that is collected in flat mops is carried from one room to another but this will not be the case with microfiber mops as the absorption power is multiple times. Once a floor space is cleaned with a microfiber mop, the fiber is removed from the frame and placed in a bag that goes for laundering.

However, traditional microfiber mops too come with their share of criticism. Because of the heavy construction, they cannot be laundered using fabric softener or bleaching agents. The speeds on the other hand are even larger than the traditional microfiber mops and could cover a larger surface.

The microfiber technology is considered to be the best floor mop systems. While they leave minimal amount of residual water on the floor, one mop can clean out a large surface area at one go. Further the inhibitive technology for germ growth makes it’s the best cleaning tools used in organizations and hospitals.

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