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Using A Creative Recruitment Agency

by leoturpin61

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Getting a creative job requires a special kind of job search. In fact, you need to take help from a creative recruitment agency and not a regular agency. A creative employment agency specializes in finding jobs for people in various design fields including advertising, architecture and even information technology. When it comes to recruitment creative agencies understand that customers have very specific needs and also that they need to be in the right kind of job or else they will not thrive in it.

There is an art to using creative recruitment companies. Keep in mind that creative agency recruitment is a highly competitive field and you need to really stand out from all the other people who are looking for jobs. You can use the following tips to ensure that a creative recruitment firm focuses on your job search to your satisfaction:

Make sure that your CV really stands out. You cannot afford to have a regular CV if you wish to be taken seriously as a creative person. Provide links to your social networking profiles as well as blogs or websites that feature great examples of the work you have done. Another idea is to provide a link to an audio-visual presentation.

Don’t forget the basics of creating a good CV in your eagerness to appear creative. Your bio-data should contain all necessary basic information as well as your contact details. It should also be free of wrong information and typos. No matter how stunning your application looks, simple mistakes will make you look unreliable and unprepared. Keep in mind that creative placement agencies get whole lots of applications all the time; yours will get discarded on account of simple mistakes.

Focus on how you can add value to your potential employer. An employer needs to think, “What’s in it for me?” when reading your application. If your letter and CV only trumpets your many achievements without putting them in perspective of your employer’s needs than you might not get called to many interviews. No matter how good you are at creating original work, you will eventually have to work with a team. If you come across as a very difficult person to work with, especially because of ego issues, then you are unlikely to be picked.

If you are able to get a really good creative recruitment agency to promote your CV then you will soon land the job of your dreams. The best recruitment companies are very particular about offering high quality service to their corporate customers and their aim is to place the perfect person in every position. Therefore, only if you put in the necessary effort will the company focus on promoting you to employers.


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