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Member Spotlight: Satin Van Cleef

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Satin Van Cleef is the owner of Vienna Victoria custom jewelry, which was founded on the principle of bringing functionality to jewelry. She is this week’s member spotlight for her innovative product and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Learn more about Satin, her company, and obtain her professional advice.

Why Vienna Victoria Was Created

One evening, Satin was on her way to a New York Yankees game, an event where one is expected to travel light, and noticed the unattractive bulge that her lipstick made in the pocket of her skinny jeans, bringing her to an ‘aha!’ moment. Why not combine makeup and jewelry into one accessory to keep her looking good in the skinny jeans while also appearing fashionable? Out of this realization, Satin realized there was great opportunity with this idea and decided to form Vienna Victoria. As extra motivation to get the business started, she was feeling uncertainty with the unstable environment surrounding a corporate job and with a family to support. She wanted to take control of her future and felt like starting Vienna Victoria was the way to go -- and the rest was history.

About Vienna Victoria                                                           

With an appeal to the busy and on-the-go woman, Vienna Victoria’s products provide both fashion and function through customized jewelry. Hidden within the jewelry, you can choose which shade of lipstick you prefer so you will always be prepared for those “touch-up” moments. The Vienna Victoria product line features Swarovski elements, a brand known for their high quality crystals and also has a unique branding partnership with them. Having such a high quality product, Vienna Victoria jewelry was featured in gift bags at the Teen Choice Awards, stimulating lots of positive feedback from high-profile celebrities. Check out Vienna Victoria’s online store and provide feedback; Satin loves it and thoroughly enjoys hearing from customers after they receive their jewelry.

Words of Advice from Satin Van Cleef

As with any new business owner, Satin also came across her own obstacles and hurdles. In particular, if she could do it all again, she says she would have created a larger budget for marketing. As Satin admits, the marketing aspect was the most challenging aspect Vienna Victoria faced, especially with so many different avenues to take. It is important to find out which one is best and have the budget to support it.

Also, networking is of high importance and crucial to any professional career. Satin attends every event she can and talks to everyone present in order to learn as much as possible. With everyone being so helpful and willing to give wonderful advice, there wasn’t a single event where she didn’t take away something useful.

For those aspiring to become a business owner or follow in Satin’s footsteps, she recommends continuous effort and to keep pushing forward. There will always be good days and bad days but you must continue to push through. Believe in what you are doing because the passion you have is, inevitably, what will make your business work.

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