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The journey to stardom begins at film institutes. Many world class actors, directors, cinematographers have had their beginnings in film institutes. Of course there are exceptions of great talent which have no formal training. India churns about 700 movies a year which is the highest in the world. There are many government and private film institutes in India. Top film institutes in India offer world class courses –post graduate course in film and entertainment management, cinematography, film and TV direction, film and TV editing, sound recording, and undergraduate courses in acting, direction, etc. The largest and best film institute in Asia is in Hyderabad. It boasts of permanent sets, cutting edge post production, 10 shooting floors. It offers 2-4 year degree course and short term vocational courses. The film institute in Pune is considered the best in India and has world recognition too.

Film institutes in Mumbai are some of the  best in the country. Film institutes give exposure to the wonderful and exciting world of media and film making. These institutes serve as a platform for limitless opportunities to a career in film making. They offer courses (diploma, bachelor degree, masters degree) in different aspects of film making – direction, cinematography, editing, sound engineering, ad film making, They are equipped in- house production facility, staffed to conduct professional training in film, TV, radio and theatre production.  They also offer courses in sound, design and music production.

Top acting institutes in India have produced some of India’s best talent in all fields of film making. They offer a wide choice in courses –basic course and advanced course. Basic course curriculum includes diction, voice modulation, action, improvisation, memory exercises and video practice. Advanced course includes with world cinema, futuristic acting training, .As part of their course, they conduct seminars, workshops, arrange internships with TV channels in order to give aspirants wider exposure. They take pride in grooming actors, scriptwriters and film makers with their highly professional approach. The course design is decided keeping in mind the fact the business of film making demands discipline, knowledge, craft and perseverance. 

According to Hollywood report list, top acting schools in the world are mainly located in USA. USA is home to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. The rating is based on criteria like alumni, faculty, infrastructure, etc. Gaining entry into the top institutes is difficult and so is the fee, it is very expensive.

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