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Development of Assessment and Personality

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What have to make these together when we investigate the possibility to develop competencies is the personality of the candidate is an important factor.


What is personality?


Personality is what characterizes someone, someone who has a tendency. Personality is quite stable, even in different situations. People can learn a way to respond in specific situations, yet there is always a natural tendency to a certain behavior.


Or someone open to new ideas, or rather stay the same, or someone reacts angrily in adversity or just stay calm, or someone targeted proceeds or rather flexible approaches its work, all characterizing properties of a person that also make a certain function well or less well with someone.


Personality, a major influence on behavior


The personality development is a major influence on behavior, which we translate into competencies. When we investigate the possibility of developing competencies, we can not let the personality out here. Therefore we take during a development assessment always a personality test. The results of this test, we can estimate the extent to which the personality of the candidate fits the required competence.


What if a competency does not suit your personality?


That is one of the frequently asked questions on this topic. When a competency well with your personality and soft skills, it will exhibit this behavior can easily go off and low energy costs. Fits a competency less well with your personality, you can often develop these, but it will effort from you.


Leadership Competency


In general, the competence Leading easy to develop for people who are naturally often take the lead, a short recovery time in adversity, who seek a high level of performance, often to the fore, their opinions provide direct and rarely concerned.


If this description fits your personality will cost you little effort to show this behavior. Suppose a part of the description fits your personality, it will exhibit this behavior can be tight. And that is where a development assessment confidence building indicates in including understanding. How easily can you based on your personality development certain skills and at what facet can be achieved? Most profit


Especially in this time of great personal effectiveness is important. In your work, but also abroad. At work is less of a clear and specific hierarchy, working environments and changing functions, technologies develop and work, respond to market and customer requirements is becoming increasingly important. Many employees now have to constantly open to new information and developments in their work. And then there's the private sphere, in which they and others want everything and need. In short, as an employee of now you must take the lead in creating personality development and training itself.

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