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Hide Rugs Launches New Website

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Hide Rugs owner Mark Hammond, who is behind the launch of the website, is excited for customers because the site will enable them to find rug products of their choice, make purchases, and have them delivered in a matter of days. With a vast array of rugs to choose from, customers really will be spoilt for choice.

Hide rugs are fast becoming an increasingly popular home décor choice for many. Made from natural material such as cowhide, sheepskin, reindeer, and springbok, hide rugs are extremely durable, making them the perfect choice for areas in the home that experience lots of foot traffic. Hide rugs are also among the cheapest rugs you will find on the market, and for an affordable price, you can give your home a rustic, natural feel.


The various applications of hide rugs also make them a very attractive proposition for your home furnishings. Hide rugs can be the centerpiece of your floor, or alternatively, can be used as wall hangings. They create exquisite beauty when used as upholstery in furniture, so you have endless means to make use of your hide rug. No two rugs are made the same, thus uniqueness is assured. Hide rugs also age incredibly well, and like wine, they look better as they get older. Once you make a purchase today, you have made an investment for years, and you can be glad of the valuable product that you have chosen to adorn your home.


Sheepskin rugs are very comfortable and warm, and can be used as a throw cover for any furniture piece. Throw the sheepskin rug on your couch, and you are guaranteed warmth and comfort all through the winter months.


For those that want natural hide rugs that are far less conventional, reindeer and springbok rugs are just for you. They are fast becoming fashionable, but you can be sure to be the first one to have such rugs in your neighborhood. Not only does their beautiful fur stand out in a room, but the rugs are also soft and comfortable. It is up to you to determine how best to make use of your reindeer or springbok rug, either as a floor rug, or as a hanging piece. Either way, the use of these rugs will set your home apart from any other.


Having spent years dealing in and sourcing exceptional animal rugs from all over the world, Hide Rugs has just the perfect rug for your home from its vast selection. Each individual rug has been photographed to enable customers to choose their preferences when they visit their soon to be launched website. The hide rugs are priced according to their uniqueness, with an overall eye on affordability and value.


Hide Rugs is a UK based company that sells only within the UK. By making a purchase from Hide Rugs, you are guaranteed a great product, and that your online purchase details are kept safe and secure. More to that, Hide Rugs offers a free next working day delivery service, and if you are not happy with the product, a 14 day money back guarantee.


With the mantra “Timeless, Natural Beauty,” you are assured a great selection of rugs that will be indeed naturally beautiful and timeless. Visit the Hide Rugswebsite for more information, or email Mark Hammond at

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