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From Locks to Cameras: Types of Security Systems in Phoenix

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According to, Phoenix, Arizona is relatively safer than other major cities in the United States, despite the fact that Arizona itself has a high crime rate. However, when criminals do strike in Valley of the Sun, they are more likely to commit property crimes (like theft) than violent ones (like murder). While this is somewhat good news to most people, all crimes should be treated seriously and they must be prevented by installing security systems in Phoenix.

Locks and Safes The first line of defense in any home or property is the front door (or the front gate, if the homeowner has it) and its locking mechanism. While modern locks are more durable and harder to pick, crafty thieves usually opt to bypass them entirely by entering the house through the windows or the back door instead. However, these basic devices can still thwart criminals in the form of safe boxes and vaults, which are a lot harder to crack.

Motion and Acoustic Sensors These devices actively look for certain prompts before they trigger an alarm. Motion sensors, as the name implies, are activated if they detected unauthorized movement in their area while acoustic sensors can be triggered if they hear certain sounds like glass breaking or squeaking footsteps. While they are pretty straightforward to use, they can be triggered prematurely by excess movement and loud noises (respectively).

Security Cameras Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras can be used as security devices since they monitor events as they happen in real time. They are useful for detecting suspicious activity and can provide useful evidence for identifying and tracking down criminals caught in the act. Some CCTVs are built with night vision capabilities to provide a clearer picture in dark or dimly-lit areas of a home.

Alarm Systems Essentially a catch-all term for all kinds of security devices, alarm systems are identified separately since they can either be monitored or unmonitored. The former are offered by many alarm companies in Phoenix. For a fee, these companies will contact the homeowner and law enforcement personnel whenever the alarm is triggered.

Phoenix may be one of the safest places to live in the US, but that doesn't mean that there's no need for security devices in this city. Indeed, since crime can be found anywhere in any degree, security devices are always relevant to everybody. To learn more about home security systems, visit:


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