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Get to Know the Benefits of Construction Project Management

by yolandeleake

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The use of construction project management software is becoming more and more prevalent as construction companies move away from spreadsheets and shoeboxes to manage their tasks. One reason for this is the constant competition between software providers to develop integrated project management modules that offer the best in terms of ease and convenience. The question is: will your company benefit from it?

Project management software offers many benefits for construction companies, including field administration, executive level reporting, purchase order management, and even budgeting. However, the biggest benefits they offer come in the form of process standardization, document control, and cost control. Below is an elaboration of these three main advantages:

Process standardization

Project management software provides a way to standardize job managing methods. It streamlines each step of the project, making it easier for your staff—whether old or new—to move from job to job with a minimal learning curve and high ramp-up time. The software will also provide a consistent look and feel to all your documents, which is extremely important if you want to present your company in a professional manner.

Document control

Using disjointed tools like spreadsheets and word processing formats for project management documentation and correspondence is inherently flawed, because they don't offer a single data repository for project information. A single source for all of your documents can significantly speed up project operations, and this is exactly what project management software offers. It provides a systematic method for documenting, tracking, and following up on critical issues.

Cost control

Cost management is key to ensuring profit. Project management software provides real-time cost data analysis that will allow you to make profitable decisions on your projects. At the click of a mouse, data such as budgets, contracts, and change orders will be immediately available to you. With this benefit, you can easily identify potential problems that may come up including scheduling snags and cost overruns.

You may have grown overly comfortable with spreadsheets and word processing systems, but know that they may no longer be the most profitable project management system for you. In fact, they may already be draining your revenues without your knowledge. These days, the benefits of using a construction project management program is well-worth the initial discomfort it may cause your company as you learn to work with it. Learn how to maximize the software's potential from

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