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You Will Know More about the Crystal Jewelry

by anonymous

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There are many kinds of jewelry which makes the girls are crazy about them. Different people have different tastes. While each kind has its own characters. And each of them is made from various stones. They can be in fashion and are very pretty. I don’t know how you think about the crystal jewelry. However, I love it very much. I know it is very shinning, not only because of this, there is another reason that it has many functions which can benefit the human body a lot.
How many kinds of crystals do you know? Indeed, it has numerous kinds. They all have the good influence on us. I’d like to share something that I found with all the people who are interested in the jewelry.
Rock crystal quartz is one of the Buddhist shippo. As the name implies, it has the strong positive power to worship the Buddha, ward off the evil spirits and protect the house. It also can remove the negative energy. The rock crystal quartz can produce the sustained and stable oscillation which can help people to keep clear mind and enhance the memory. But you’d better not place it around your bed, or you will have a tendency to insomnia.
Garden crystal is also called “Green Phantom Crystal” with a nickname “the God of Wealth”., becaust its color is similar to the color of US dollars. It is the symbol of the wealth in the career. It can make people have wide mind and accept the new things easily and create the new ways to develop. So it has a lot of benefits no matter for the personal career or the attack of defend. .The wealth can be accumulated natural with it.

Pink Freshwater Pearl and Branch Shape Cherry Quartz and Green Agate Wire Crocheted Multi Color Bracelet
Aquamarine is a very precious gemstone. The function of it is to calm the personal emotions and enhance the express ability and perception.
These are the three kinds that I share with you. Of course, there are many others. The three is my interests in. Because of the physical functions, many people begin to wholesale crystal jewelry to start his own career. It gives people many things, like beauty, health and the power and so on. Most of the girls fall in love with it. They can feel confident when they are wearing a piece of jewelry.
Some people like necklace, some people like bracelets, others like rings or earrings. It depends on the condition that you are. Sometimes, you much choose a necklace, while sometimes the bracelet is a better choice.
Wholesale crystal bracelet offers people many choices including different styles and different materials of the bracelets. There is no doubt that you will find your love in the series of the jewelry 2013.

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