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Bactericidal Gym Wipes - Water Saving in the Commercial Wash

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Population growth and the ever-changing way of life means that we use about 55% more water than we did 25 years ago. As a result, we are putting more and more pressure on the water and at the same time without the cost of our businesses, schools, hospitals, and commercial money could be used elsewhere. When planning a bathroom is on the content of water-saving initiatives, significant savings can be made. Bio-toilet (United Kingdom) has developed the following table to help our clients learn how to:

Toilet / Tanks:

Water tanks water saving - the existing provisions of the water color washes up to 6 liters. However, more than 60% of the tanks mounted in the UK is still paint container, 7,5, 9, 11, or up to 13 liters. The WC 6-liter water tank could save about 20% to 50% of water per year. Also, 4.5 liters of water tanks are available now means more water can be saved.

Dual Redness - Why do not always need a full discharge every time I go to the bathroom, the two Flush cisterns provide the opportunity to produce two download options. A small button is 4 liters per flush, big button is 6 liters a lot of color.

Tanker delay pregnancy - This technology prevents the toilet tank to fill with water before the download is complete, ensure that no water is wasted. This is especially suitable for high-pressure situations.


Waterless Urinals - waterless urinals to achieve water savings of 100% compared to the water tank fed the standard option. Just a waterless urinal can save over 87,000 gallons of water per year. In addition, water-saving advantages are obvious advantages include:

- Easy maintenance - no tanks and pipes for leaks.

- Less blocks - without water and mix the urine indicates that uric acid causes jams.

Urinal flush Controls - urinal water tank must be emptied and I wash about once every 3 or 4 minutes, leading to a significant loss of water, especially in less than a bath. Wash the controls have been developed to reduce the number of times that the flush is activated. This can lead to urinary or washing after each use, or 30 minutes, depending on preference.

Straight Flush - A straight-through valve is installed in a commercial bathroom is directly connected to the power grid, and means there is no need to water tank. This allows the facility manager to determine in advance the volume of water through the urinary tract. Heavy duty bathroom, especially public toilets, airports, bars, etc.

Taps and mixers

Taps closure - closing taps, also known as no shock valves can be configured to operate in a predetermined time - usually 10-15 seconds. This installation is carried out. This means that the taps are not left by mistake, and make sure the toilet is flooded. Ideal for schools and the high use of such airports.

Automatic Sensor Taps - Used for either electricity or battery change infra-red motion sensor to open and close the solenoid valve to start and stop the flow of water. This means that the exact amount of water at the right time, which results in a minimum of wastage of water.



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