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Security Tips for Tourists Staying in a Paris Apartment

by Parisapartmentrental

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Even beautiful cities like Paris have their share of concerns. For instance, the City of Light is not exactly one the most secure places to visit in the world. Security problems have plagued the city as of late. Most recently, the Louvre was shut down because of pickpockets. The world’s most visited museum was specifically hampered by the strike of its more than 1,000 personnel who protested against the management’s inactions against pickpockets roaming around the museum. This recent case should serve as a warning to tourists staying in Paris apartment rental. Paris addresses may sound attractive and enticing, but there’s still a chance that some risks may be lurking throughout this bustling city.


The most prevalent crime in this city is pick-pocketing as evidenced by the recent development in the Louvre. Tourists should be vigilant with their personal stuff especially if they find themselves in crowded areas like metro stations and tourist attractions. One of the best ways for tourists to avoid being a victim of pickpockets is to use a money belt. Some wise tourists also use travelers’ checks and bring as little money as possible.


Tourists who are traveling by themselves to Paris should avoid areas like the Gare du Nord, Châtelet, and Les Halles late at night. These streets may look generally safe, but these areas are also notorious for being the site of crimes and hangouts of gangs. It should help visitors if they don’t wear flashy jewelry or clothes. Likewise, avoiding any type of clothing that may mistake a tourist for being a part of a religious or political movement are beneficial to highlight for travelers in Paris.


It pays to have travel insurance in Paris. Travel insurance is often purchased along with a plane ticket to Paris. Meanwhile, women should be very vigilant when in Paris. Driving in Paris is not advisable for tourists, especially those who are not familiar with driving around the city. Aside from the traffic problems in the city, motorists in Paris will have to deal with limited parking spaces. Parisian drivers are also notorious for erratic driving. Thus, tourists should also be very when crossing the streets due to the aggressive driving behavior of Parisians.


While Paris has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe, this does not mean that tourists staying in a Paris apartment rental should throw all caution to the wind when touring the city. In fact, tourists should be more conscious of their safety when going around town. Paris addresses may look engaging in pictures, but it's always important for tourists to remain mindful of safety while abroad.  Browse the spacious and private listings of Paris apartments for rent on 



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