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Columbus crane service is very important for those who want to repair or maintain these machines. There are several types of cranes are available and used for different purposes. However, the main purpose of the cranes is to lift heavy loads. Internal cranes are usually bottom climbers, drawing themselves up within the structure of the building under construction. Instead of adding sections, these cranes have hydraulic cylinders that raise the base section of the crane through an opening— often an elevator shaft— in the floor above. The crane base ascends a floor at a time and may extend up to 20 floors below the work site. Disassembly of an internal crane is accomplished using stiff-leg derricks, which lower the crane to the street in pieces.


Tower cranes are characterized by their boom configurations. The hammerhead cranes have fixed booms, also called jibs that remain perpendicular to the tower. Luffing boom cranes have jibs that pivot, conveying loads to the exact spot at the top of the building where the materials are needed. Beyond these basic design differences hammerhead and luffing boom cranes are marked by not-so-subtle design variations. An American innovation that was recently adopted by European crane manufacturers, the luffing boom is angled to a maximum of S4°. The boom’s counter weight is tucked under the coil machinery behind the cab atop the tower.


The largest luffing cranes available today use a 4-part line of wire rope to hoist more than 70,000 pounds to a (Mi-ft. radius from the tower at 75 fpm. Using a 2-part line, these cranes can lift lighter loads to a 197-ft. radius at a speed of 545 fpm. On a hammerhead, the honk block is attached to a trolley that can move in and out along the boom to position loads. The counterweight and machinery sit at the end of a counter jib aliened with the boom on the opposite side of the tower. The largest urban construction hammerhead cranes now available use 48-hp engines to lift 44,000-pound loads 76 ft to a 93-ft radius. Loads of 4000 pounds can be hoisted by the same crane to a radius of 265 ft. at speeds exceeding 600 fpm. It is important that understand that not one type of cranes is useful for all kinds of work. Therefore it is important to contact the best Columbus crane service provider and explain the purpose of the crane or project.


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