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Spend your weekend by enjoying Chinese food rich in sauces

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Chinese foods means only one thing Cantonese cuisine and it is considered like this since decades. This is the style of cooking Chinese food which is familiar with most of the world. There are some roasted meats and appetizers that is very popular. Some delicate sauces are also there that could be blended with vegetables and spices to give a perfect flavor. On the other hand, Chinese food is far more different that that of Cantonese food. All over China cooking styles are different so there are four major styles that are popular and they are further subdivided.

There are Chinese restaurants all over the world that are serving various dishes. People also love such dishes and therefore, with the increase in demand, there are many restaurants that have included Chinese dishes in their menu. There are many such restaurants that are offering the service of prior booking of the table so that people can enjoy their meal without facing any trouble of non availability of the table. Thus, by booking table people can give their loved ones a surprise on their special occasions or special days.

Some Restaurants in Norwich are well known for their Cantonese cuisine styles. The chefs in such restaurants are specialized in roasted meats and delicate sauces which could be steamed or stir-fried also. In Restaurants in Norwich,the different sauces are served with the vegetables that are chosen carefully as per their appearance. Steamed rice is considered as the staple of such Cantonese food and it is used as the base of most of the meals. Each vegetable is sliced in such a way that it can be shown off to its best color and shape.

There is Szechwan cuisine also that is also a Chinese Buffet Food and has become very popular in last few decades. There are few very famous sparingly spicy food that is offered by restaurants like Double cooked spicy pork, Kung pao chicken and there are many more. The style of cooking of such food had emerged from the mountainous center of China. The very basic characters of these types of dishes are the pungent flavor of ginger, onions, fermented soybean and garlic. The typical cooking of such food includes frying without oil, frying with oil, braising and pickling.

A Restaurant in Greater Norwichmay also serve Hunan cuisine which is well known in Zheijiang regions of China. It is cooked that have characters like thick and a good amount of sauce with complex pungent flavors. The very important ingredients that are included are the chilli, scallions and pepper. A very popular dish that is offered by some Chinese restaurants is the Pepper chicken which also has small chunks of juicy chicken which is quick-fried. This chicken also has onions and good amount if pepper in it.

In order to enjoy a delicious Chinese meal, visit the website of those restaurants that have booking services of table availability on their website.

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