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Top Advantages of Automation Software Testing

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The constant advancement in technologies has made software development complex and complicated. Each organization also has to make a comprehensive plan to meet the recent trends in user demand. So along with developing robust applications, a company needs to ensure that application is running without any performance issues. The time consuming, labor intensive and restricted nature of traditional software testing methods have made it essential for companies to look for more innovative ways to ensure software quality and performance. In comparison to conventional testing methods, the automated testing tools are hugely popular among many companies. Along with accelerating the test execution and reporting time, the automated test scripts also allow developers to identify and fix the bugs in the early stages of the project. Further, the automated software testing tools have made the testing process simple, fast, flexible and inexpensive.

Top 6 Advantages of Automated Software Testing

1. Improving the Performance of Software: With software development becoming more and more competitive, it has become essential for developers to build better software applications. Along with including new features to make the application different, a programmer also needs to ensure that the application is flawless. He can simply build a set of automated test libraries, and use these to improve the quality of the software without putting any extra time and effort. The test libraries can further be reused in certain and predictable ways.

2. Testing the Software Frequently: Each software application needs to be tested frequently to identify and fix all types of bugs and performance issues. As the automated test scripts can be used regularly, you can easily test the application frequently without making any additional expenses. For instance, you can simply initiate a process to retrieve the latest source code of the application, and run several test scripts to test its performance. After testing the application, you can simply share the test script results with the development team to identify and fix the bugs without causing any delay.

3. Finding and Fixing Bugs in Early Stages: Whenever you develop an application, it will definitely have bugs. But you must identify, find and fix the bugs as early as possible. At the same time, you also need to decide the cost of making your application bug-free. Each time a programmer adds, edits or removes any code, the application needs to be tested from the scratch. So there are chances that it may take weeks or months to identify and fix the bugs, if you are testing the software manually. Also, the manual testing options will increase the overall cost of software testing. However, you can always avoid putting any extra time and resources by using automated test scripts. Further, you can easily test the application on a daily basis to identify and fix the bugs before moving to the next module.

4. Incorporating Changes: The frequent changes in user demands have made software development process complex and complicated. The source code must be updated regularly to maintain the popularity of the software application. As the programmers incorporate changes in the source code to optimize the application’s performance, there are chances that some new bugs will be generated in the process. So each time any addition or modification occurs to the source code, the application must be tested thoroughly. A developer can simply use automated test scripts to evaluate the performance of the software easily, whenever the core part of the system is changed.

5. Loads of Automated Testing Tools: Most developers have to decide the right software development framework based on certain criterions. Along the type, design and features of the application, the developers also need to consider the popularity of the development platform. However, each developer has option to choose from loads of automated software testing tools to suit the requirements of his project. Along with the licensed testing tools, he also has options to choose from a huge collection of open source testing applications. The customized tools make it easier to test the performance of the software by targeting the latest trends and changes.

6. Easy to Impress Clients: Most companies have to use innovative techniques to impress clients. Along with deploying a team of experienced programmers, a company also needs to convince the client about the quality and flawless performance of the software. Many companies, nowadays, hire a company to develop customized software applications based on its software testing strategy. If the company has testers with adequate experience in building and running automated test script, it will be easier for it to impress clients. Further, the automated testing will help an organization in beating competition by reducing the development cost.

The automatic software testing also helps organizations in eliminating the chances of human error. Also, the testers can easily learn and use advanced testing tools without having any programming skills or writing software code. It becomes imperative to search for a list of automation testing companies, evaluate their expertise and then employ them to leverage the benefits of automation testing.

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