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Limestone – A Brief Outline

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Limestone is considered as the best option for flooring. Limestone is a kind  of sedimentary rock  formed at the bottom of shallow sea and lakes due to accumulation of bones, shells and other related material that are rich in calcium. Limestone is actually composed of calcite. Calcite is an organic matter that settles down in the bottom of the sea and lakes and is preserved as fossils.


Limestone consists of at least 10% of sedimentary rocks that are exposed on the earth’s surface. Along with calcite, limestone also consists of other minerals like dolomite and aragonite that are clear or white in color. As a matter of fact, the limestone tiles are usually light in color. On the other hand, due to the presence of impurities like clay, organic material, iron oxides, hydroxides and sand, these tiles may also be found in other colors. However, the surface markings present on the limestone tiles may vary because of the content of organic material and oxides.


Limestone tiles come in a wide variety. Hence, it becomes difficult to choose the right kind of limestone tile for the project to be carried out. While buying the limestone tile from the market, one must be careful enough as there are numerous styles and patterns available in the market that suits as per the particular area of the house.

Because of features like toughness and versatile nature of the limestone tiles, most of the tiles are suitable for all kinds of rooms as well as living conditions. However, limestone tiles are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen and all other related rooms that are prone to moisture, humidity, or wet conditions. In addition, limestone tiles are ideal for outdoor applications.


Limestone is an essential element for building material and is widely used for several thousand years all across the world. Limestone has various uses that may include:

  • It acts as raw material for the manufacture of quicklime, slaked lime, cement as well as mortar.
  • In order to neutralize acidic soils pulverized limestone is used as a soil conditioner.
  • It is used in making solid base for the roads.
  • Limestone that is formed due to geological formations is considered to be the best petroleum reservoirs.
  • Limestone reacts with sulfur dioxide in order to control air pollution.
  • In some circumstance, limestone is also used in making glass.
  • It is added in various items like paper, plastic, paint, tiles, toothpaste in order to add whiteness, as well as, cheap filler.
  • Limestone has the capacity to suppress methane explosions in the underground coal mines.
  • Pure limestone is added in bread and cereals as it is a source of calcium.
  • It also acts as livestock feed especially in case of poultry.
  • It is highly used as remineralizing and helps in increasing the alkalinity of purified water so as to avoid corrosion of pipe as well as to restore the levels of nutrients.
  • It can be easily found in many medicines as well as cosmetic products.
  • It is ideally suited for making sculptures as it is suitable for carving.




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