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Silver Charm Bracelets and More Terrific Jewellery Pieces

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Silver charm pendants are those ubiquitous items of jewellery that furnish that finishing touch to any outfit. A seemingly endless choice of amulets and chainsmean that you will choose one to suitevery style and budget. Wide or thin, dangling or snug, linked or boxed, all types of chains will look elegant when supporting a well-chosen silver charm. The attraction of a charm necklace is that it is always a selective choice that displays your moodat the moment of wearing it. For example, there are cute charms for a family day outing and more adult amulets for a night-time excursion. It is dangerously easy to start collecting amulets and accumulate a range of necklaces for every occasion. If you are more comfortable with a bracelet, amulets of all sizes and styles can be purchased and added to make a very select bit of jewellery.


Amulets have for years been fashionable items of jewellery. The traditional silver charm bracelet had small, collectable charms, purchased over the years. According to fashion tropes the look and size of the amulets altered. Ban the bomb icons and flowers were popular during the sixties. In the 70s, each type of stone conferred a unique meaning.


Come the 80s the existing image of the charm generally lost its attraction, accounting for a increasing penchant for outsized imitations of charm bracelets, while other amulets or amulets were often found adorning the neck. Charms containing people’s names or initial letters were chosen for teenager’s throats. Cheap and funky fun charms became popular. In the next decade, retro style charms were the trend. Heart shaped amulets never went out of fashion, however tendencies in styles and dimensions might vary  alter.


In 2000 a tiny firm based in Denmark invented the Pandora silver charm bangle which included themed beads threaded on  leather bracelets for men and the attraction of amulets soared.


Pandora has brought about a return to the hoarding of charms and amulets to go onto both bracelets and necklaces. In true post-modern style, themed beads now mix with personal emblems along thick pendants. Normal catches are gone in favour of little padlocks. Slim chains are weighed down by a collection of six or seven different charms jumbled together. Creating the look of your necklace or bracelet to echo your clothing or your attitude has become simple, fun and extremely charming. At  you can get a great collection of all these greats products and make an online order.


Quality jewellery makers, including brand names such as Chanel, are producing their own take on silver charm necklaces. Famous brand names or emblems can be purchased in a range of finishes. However, it is not tricky to create your own, taking only some creativity, almost any number of small bits and pieces can be hung on a chain to terrific effect.

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