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Apps developed on Adobe Integrated Runtime Revamped

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Adobe ushers in a makeover for the online marketplace that caters to applications created on the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) to make it more convenient for development professionals to locate, post and receive feedback and comments about AIR applications. The Adobe AIR Marketplace is a platform for developer apps which are driven by AIR, a run-time system that facilitates the creation of cross-platform applications for desktop leveraging technologies similar to those used for the development of web-oriented applications, like Flash, AJAX and HTML.

Significant features of Adobe AIR Marketplace

Anybody would be game for sharing novel ideas, striking innovations, magnificent AIR apps or getting accustomed to the upcoming discoveries and developments that would fetch the entire globe to the desktop. From Trading to Games, Tools to Shopping, Music to Communications, Traveling to Science, the Adobe AIR Marketplace has something or the other to engage everyone. Although Adobe prefers to maintain that the site is a “marketplace”, a large number of the shared applications come free of cost and can be easily downloaded without purchasing them, adding to an exciting experience for every user.

Since its launch in October 2007, this “marketplace” has always met as well as exceeded expectations at each level, for both users and application developers. On one hand, professionals developing apps can highlight their latest creations and get good amount of recognition, and on the other hand, surfers and clients can conveniently look for and download the apps of their choice. All these have turned the Adobe marketplace into an ultimate application that is an ideal blend of thoughts innovations and their practical significance.

It is indeed great to see how Adobe has valued the feedback from users and clients and acted on these recommendations. This has led to the community becoming livelier and succeeding in sustaining and enhancing brand loyalty. The recommendation to incorporate RSS feeds for promoting new applications were instantly acted upon. This has helped developers market their new creations in a much better manner. Another feature that created a ripple in the Marketplace is the “email a friend” provision. People are in the habit of talking about ideas and their correct implications with their developers via mails. Presently, you can easily go for profile creation in the Marketplace for promotion of applications. With the help of a profile, you will have a far better chance to get known to others.

Speaking of the application dashboard, it was indeed an important request. Almost every person wished to learn about how an application is performing as measured by the public ratings, views and total number of downloads. To address all these requirements, Adobe came up with a dashboard for the Marketplace.

Presently, visitors also have the right to do much more than rating and reviewing an application. They have the right to comment on and flag applications. This is very helpful because it serves to provide ample feedback for the developers to enhance the quality of their applications and receive the validation of the community.

The first complete version of Adobe AIR was released during late February in 2008. This runtime brought a lot of success to the company and is sure to bring more success as the company experienced with the tools for web design and development such as Flash and Dreamweaver. Interestingly, more than a 100 million people or entities installed AIR within a year following its release. This simple fact is enough to prove that developers are keen on testing the technology and might also use it for widespread desktop deployments.

Currently, there are a plethora of Adobe AIR applications and many more are being designed and added to the market daily. Some of the popular AIR applications are Finetune, Sam’s Interactive Reader, Earthbrowser and so on. With the Marketplace offering the opportunity for lots of download and sharing of ideas, it is indeed a great place to be! And this makes the job of Adobe AIR developers very exciting and challenging at the same time!

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