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How to Negotiate While Buying Used Car

by anonymous

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So you have decided not to buy a new car. That is really great, because used cars are much cheaper and often as good as new cars. However, you still need to deal with troublesome salespersons in order to find the best deal without having your bank account ravaged.

If you are going this weekend to buy a used car in Japan, make sure you are prepared enough for a big negotiation. Let us go over some guidelines listed below.

Some Tips and Guidelines –

•          Be prepared – First off, make sure what kind of car you are looking for. Do a research, check online reviews and check out its average pricing and aware of what kind of value it holds. Also aware of the manufacturing defects, the most common issues people complain about it etc.

•          Walk in with confidence – Remember that, car salespersons are like wolves, they can smell fear in you and make you in his trap. Hence, be confident and make yourself educated about the car you want to look at. It is obvious that when a person is fully prepared about something he always seems confident to drive out with smile.

•          Trick up your sleeve – If you have done your study, you may know how much the vehicle costs. If you are dealing with used car dealer to buy a used car / truck then, never ever, tell him precisely how much you could spend. Always lower your budget while discussing the budget you have. Although you know, you will be spending over that, but still you have to try this to make him realize you are stick to that budget only.

•          Walk Away – There is going to be a time when the salesperson will refuge to agree with the price you are seeking. So in that case just pretend to walk away. Normally, salespersons are taught not to let the customer walk away without buying, which in terms could lead you to convince him at the end. However, chances are high, if you are dealing with a more experienced salesperson, he might not care about one lost sale but for a new sales brat it could be a loss, therefore he will try every possible thing not let this happen and will agree with the price you proposed.

So friend, this is how you can negotiate the price of a used car . So go out and get your desired used car/ truck today!

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