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How to Choose a Plot of Land by Vastu Shastra

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Vastu is basically a science of structures and completely deals with the directions. Vastu Shastra is a big field and one can find many remedies for the well beings and their environment. There are many things to be taken into consideration while deciding to construct a building. Of the most important things, choosing the right website or the plot is very crucial. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult Vastu Shastra expert before buying land or buying a flat house or any other building rather than take their advice in the back of the building. At this point of time the damage already done. Therefore these results should be avoided.


From whom should not be purchased a plot? The answer to this question is provided by Vastu Shastra and that a plot or site of earth never be buying - people who became insolvent, with problems of leprosy, crazy or people who are not in the country, etc. Similarly, the sites are given in donation to temples, assigned to watchman of colony or village, lands possessed by charitable organizations and sites without writing should not be bought. In addition, land holding rocks, worm hills, ant, skeleton and bones, etc. should not be acquired.


What direction should a plot or site face of the earth? The address of the plots has a very important role in its construction. Different directions are beneficial for different types of people and organizations. Let's take a look at them. Plots facing the direction this is considered good for philosophers, professors, scholars, teachers, priests, etc., while plots facing the west direction helps people who really support the society. In addition, North facing plots are good for people management function, the power and for the government and the plots facing south, is considered best for business class and people working in business problems.


An extremely important factor, in which light is produced in the environment or the environment of the plots. If the environment is not good, the resulting problems come in many forms. Therefore, it is essential to look at the following:


It is better to build on the land plots are fertile with plants and greenery.


A large canal or river is located in the north side and the waters flowing from west to east, is a good sign. In the same way if the river is on the east side with water flowing from south to north, is also considered good.


If there are lots of Earth, large rocks, etc. to the southwest hills to the south and west sides of the site or plot, is good. Otherwise, could affect progress.


It should be ensured that no cemetery, grave or cemetery is located near the plot either forward or backward.


In addition, plots near temples have a chance to affect the inmates. The plots that the temple towards its right material loss causes, in sorrow and pain makes the left and in the front it causes obstruction to development. Many builders are here in India always build the building according to Vastu. There are many projects are under construction in NCR and Bhiwadi city (located in Rajasthan and very popular for better space real estate investments).


So, with this in mind it is very important to consult a Vastu Shastra expert before buying some new projects in Bhiwadi or other cities, building some homes that make the happiness and prosperity through life increasingly free of the problems.

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