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Benefits of facelift surgery?

by anonymous

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Houston is known for many wonderful things and some not so great things. Our dreadfully hot summers are at the top of the “not so great” list. Anyone who has spent any time here in August will tell you that we have more than our share of tremendously hot days. However, that is no reason to let the summertime get you down. In fact, you can get a lift with a hot, new, youthful look via a facelift in Houston. This may not beat the heat, but a young looking appearance can help you to at least endure it. 


While it won’t take twenty years away, facelift surgery can easily make you appear up to ten years younger. It will improve the overall appearance of your face and neck by diminishing the signs of aging. If you are in your mid to late thirties or older, there is a good chance that you have started to notice “crow’s feet” or laugh lines that didn’t use to be there. That smooth glow of youth may be starting to fade. You can do something about that.


Over time, the elasticity of the skin on your face diminishes. This can cause your skin to droop, and even the dreaded double chin. A facelift surgeon in Houston will tighten facial muscles, remove unwanted fat, and lift up drooping skin. This technique is an ideal way to combat the normal results of aging. The surgery will also remove wrinkles and fine lines at the corners of your mouth, and lines from under your eyes. It is a procedure that is designed to help you have a youthful appearance and to age gracefully.


If you would like to have the procedure you need to be in good health, and a non-smoker. You need to have a good outlook and an understanding of what the procedure offers. Knowing what to expect generally helps to provide a positive experience and a happy outcome. The process can take up to three hours and usually requires a local anesthetic and sedation. Some patients prefer the use of a general anesthetic. You can discuss surgery options thoroughly with your doctor. For the most part, a patient can expect to return home the day of the surgery.


Plastic surgeons generally have before and after pictures from their actual procedures. Looking at these pictures can assist you in your decision to undergo cosmetic facelift surgery. Even senior citizens can benefit from the surgery. A plastic surgeon can do amazing things, and the results of the surgery will have you looking good and feeling good about yourself, as well. One thing of note, a facelift should not be confused with surgery that rejuvenates the eyes or forehead.


The facelift surgical procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries being performed today. They are so popular because they are a practical solution to looking as youthful as you feel. We can’t do anything about the hot days of summer, but we can do something about looking hotter.

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