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Help with sleep

by anonymous

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Are you looking for the answer to “help with sleep?” Look no further! In this article I am going to give you 5 proven and effective methods to treating your insomnia with ease. After you read this article on help with sleep, I can guarantee that you will tend to sleep better at night and feel much more refreshed than usual.


The 5 proven and effective methods that can help with sleep are listed below:


Help with sleep method #1: Exercise early and often

People who are in good shape tend to have good sleep, and working out on a regular basis can help you carry out both. But because exercise actually raises cortisol levels, which in turn “turns on” the mechanism that keeps you awake, separate your training routine from your bedtime routine by at least three hours.


Help with sleep method #2: Clear your mind

In a lot of healing practices, you are told to jot down a list of the worries you want to let go of and then burn them a symbolic way of releasing them. But maybe you don’t actually have to build a fire to get the mind-clearing benefits of releasing your worries. Try this little trick. An hour or two before sleep, write a list of everything you are worried about or all the things you need to do, and then just put it away – physically and emotionally. Allow it to live on the paper; it will be there when you pick it up this morning. But for the time being, just let it go.


Help with sleep method #3: Have a snack

When I mean having a snack, I don’t necessarily mean stuffing yourself with food before you hit the bed. What I meant was to get a light snack before you go to bed because sometimes, your stomach keeps on growling to the point whereby it’s keeping you from sleeping. Hence, eating a light snack can satisfy your stomach forsome time while you sleep soundly.


Help with sleep method #4: Limit your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol may give you a misconception that it can help you fall asleep much more easily, but this is not the case. Although alcohol is a depressant, it can have the negative effect a few hours later because your brain is subconsciously programmed that it’s still party time. Hence, it is important that you limit your alcohol intake per day so that you can sleep soundly during the night.


Help with sleep method #5: Put a nighttime ban on those cigarettes

Do you know that smoking can disrupt sleep? This is because cigarettes contain nicotine that can disrupt one’s sleep during the night. However, if you are considered as an unrepentant smoker, the idea of getting a better sleep probably isn’t going to motive you enough to give up the habit, but if you are thinking about giving it up anyway, better sleep is an added benefit to dumping the smokes.


The 5 methods listed above are compiled through years and years of research on how to help with sleep and curing your insomnia, so please try to apply them in your daily applications so that you can cure your insomnia easily and efficiently.


Ethan Chong is a sleep expert who has been training and teaching people professionally on how to cure and treat their sleep disorders easily and instantly. Have a question related to sleep insomnia? Ask Ethan Chong at The author grants full reprint rights to this article. You may reprint and electronically distribute this article so long as its contents remain unchanged and the author’s byline remains in place.

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