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Kankinya Aged Care Facility

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Kankinya is a nursing home that is based in Canberra, Australia. Their services cater to a wide range of elderly citizens, but their expertise lies in taking care of those afflicted with dementia.

As dementia is a condition in which a person progressively declines in many different areas of functionality, it is a great contribution to society that Kankinya’s trained professionals are on the job.

Kankinya is situated in the ACT, in Canberra. It is the only nursing home in the area that is recognized as a specialized dementia management facility. With most of its residents being elderly citizens who suffer from either dementia or Alzheimer’s, their facilities are also specially designed so that their patients can roam around freely for relaxation, without risk of harm coming their way. Since it is located at the heart of Lyneham, a leafy suburb, it is not only a friendly neighbourhood, but close to the city. This makes it convenient for family to visit, and makes both permanent and short-term care placement possible. Patients are not hidden from public view; they are given a lot of freedom so that their stay in the facility is as pleasant as possible.

Kankinya is also a fully accredited nursing home, meeting 44 of 44 standards. Complying with all safety standards, they are the safest aged care facility in ACT. They have a “9C” Fire Safety Compliance certification for their state of the art fire detection systems and sprinkler systems.

Health Services
Experience nurses certified in specialized dementia and Alzheimer’s management are given shifts of different time periods such that the residents of the facility are attended to 24 hours a day. So both patients and their families can always be at ease. They have also implemented a case management module so that the nurses can effectively and efficiently oversee the progress of and care given to every resident.

Access to Allied Health Professionals
Kankinya’s home care facility in Canberra has about 90 experienced and qualified staff members on duty throughout the week. Enrolled nurses also have assistant nurses. In addition, the facility also has access to professionals of different medical fields such as gerontologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, speech pathologists, dentists and many others.

Hospitality Services
To make the residents at the Kankinya nursing home feel like they are truly in a safe, caring and happy home, they also make sure that their kitchen is always at work and giving out food that is both nutritious and delicious. Food is available at all times of the day: breakfast tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and dinner. Desserts like cakes and scones are freshly baked and readily available. Menus are made with consideration to the weather conditions and are sometimes seasonal. Most importantly, the on-site kitchen gives the residents the unique privilege of getting the dishes that they want prepared the way they want.

Of course they didn’t forget the concerned, loving and caring family members who come to visit. They have a self-service cafe that is open all-day. It is located near the recreational hall, so it is easy to go between having a little lunch break and going back to spending time with their loved ones. The view is also breath-taking, with Kankinya’s award-winning gardens.

For the convenience of residents, there are also on-site laundry services available. A very caring and conscientious staff always handles the linens and the like with great care; washing them, folding them, and returning them to their respective owners in their rooms. Repairing and name tagging of clothes is also a service that is offered.

Other Facilities and Activities
A dedicated team of on-site cleaners are hired full-time to ensure the cleanliness of the facilities. They have a Maintenance Manager who works full-time to ensure that everything is in order and to the residents’ liking. They attend to every little thing; even hanging photographs on your walls for you. There is also a fully-equipped hair salon which the residents can have access to by making appointments beforehand.

Music therapy, art therapy and soft tissue therapy are all available. The Recreational Activities officers are always making sure that the residents are always satisfied with activities such as group activities, craft, bingo, quizzes, outings, exercises, news reading and celebrations of cultural days, to name a few.

Kankinya truly is the best nursing home in Canberra, ACT for the aged. Loved ones will be well-cared for, and won’t be too far away.

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