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The PET Preform Molding is one of the  type of Molding technique which is used by number of Preform Mold Manufacturing service companies. This type of molding is preferred more due to various advantages present in it. This method consist of a container which is made of polyester material it is mainly used due to clean, glossy and transparent appearance in the surface of the bottles. It is a combination of both glass and the fiber material.

The PET Preform Mold Manufacturing Service companies uses various types of molding techniques in it. The most important type of this molding technique is the Wide Mouth Preform Molding. This method is otherwise called as Jar molding .This type of molding is done for making certain products such as nuts packaging, oil bottles and candies etc. There are certain types involved in this method they are classified depending upon the number of cavities and its size. Various types involved in this method of molding is given below

  1. 8 cavities wider mouth or wider neck perform mold (110mm)
  2. 6 cavities wider mouth or wider neck perform mold (80mm)
  3. 6 cavities wider mouth or wider neck perform mold (63mm)

The cavities can also vary from 1, 4, 6, 8, 12 etc as per the customer requirement for the multi cavity design. This method of perform molding involves certain features in it. This method employs a new technology called advanced hot runner technology. This technology is applied for avoiding leakage in plastic material during the injection process. Another technology used in this type of molding is the molding components interchanging. In this technology most of the mold core and cavities are self or independently locking which consist of higher precised dimension control, the parts which are similar can be interchanged by using this technology, if there is damage even in one cavity it damages the entire production, hence the cavity damaged alone should be replaced.

Hence we can interchange the neck of the element. There are certain restrictions for interchanging the neck they are the weight of neck should be only around 10g and 20g. The tooling is the most important part in this type of molding than the standard type, this is because of bigger diameter, the cavity and core are subjected to rough tooling process, and the precision tooling is used in maintaining proper dimension. However in precise tooling, a very high speed or velocity lathe Mazak is employed, and thus after each and every tooling process, the preform mold components or elements are inspected by the Quality Control department. Only after qualification they are passed to other steps if there is any problem in the component then they are again moved back to the previous step. Hence thus Wide Mouth Preform Molding technique is explained in detail.


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