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Micron Associates, Xinjiang Warning

by morganle89

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State media warn of Xinjiang fighters training in Syria, while Hong Kong newspapers call on the city's government to start political reform dialogue quickly to avert crisis.

Communist Party newspaper the People's Daily and the Xinjiang Dailyboth call for a tougher crackdown against "terrorist violence" in Xinjiang, days after 35 people were killed in clashes there.

The Global Times says people in Xinjiang and the whole of China should show no fear towards "terrorists" or the "accusations of the West" over the security crackdown in the region.

Beijing traditionally blames attacks in Xinjiang - home to the minority Muslim Uighur population - on "terrorists". Uighurs say ethnic tensions are fuelled by Beijing's heavy-handed rule.

Confirming details of incidents is difficult because the information flow out of Xinjiang is tightly controlled.

Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Moustapha tells the state-run Global Times that at least 30 members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (Etim), who are deemed a Xinjiang "terrorist organisation" by Beijing, have sneaked into Syria from Turkey.

"The aim of these 'Etim' members is most likely to be fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo. This still cannot be fully confirmed, but it is certain that these 'Etim' elements trained at the Pakistan-Afghan border, and then went to southern Turkey," Mr Moustapha says.

The English-language version of the Global Times also interviews Memeti Aili, whom the newspaper describes as a 23-year-old ethnic Uighur who was caught by police recently when retuning to Xinjiang to carry out a "violent attack" ordered by Etim.

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