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Foot Surgeon Chattanooga Offers Comprehensive Detection

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A foot surgeon Chattanooga offers consultation, diagnosis, surgical and non surgical treatments and therapies to help patients recover from ankle and foot problems.

A foot surgeon or podiatrist is a certified medical practitioner who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. It can be repairing birth defects, reconstructive and emergency surgeries. They are professional doctors who can prescribe medicines, perform lad test and X-rays and conduct surgeries. They are found mostly in urban areas where there are a steady flow of patients. They attend medical school and then go for surgical residencies where they learn to perform surgeries. Some complicated foot surgeries are also conducted by plastic surgeons. In Chattanooga there have been a steady flow of patients whose varies ailments regarding foot and ankle have been handled with care by podiatrists in the area.

The recent times have seen a foot surgeon offering the best in medical care and use of state of the art technology. They perform most advanced surgical procedures doe foot and ankle problems. In-bone total ankle replacement is s process where the ankle joints are replaced with metal and the cartilage is replaced by thick polyethylene cushion to prevent friction. The prosthesis can be customized by length and diameter that allow minimum bone removal with individualized fit. The anchoring stems that hold the prosthesis in place is less likely to loosen over time.

Podiatrists can identify patient needs, recognize early signs of complications and offer services for foot, ankle and legs that may not be available from other surgeons. Achilles tendon repair surgery is used to repair ruptured and torn Achilles tendon which is the strong fibrous cord connecting the 2 large calf muscles to the heel bone. This is commonly found in athletes. Diabetic foot reconstruction is a complicated surgery that is an effective procedure used to correct foot and ankle deformities and prevent further infections. Ankle and foot fusions are procedures that fuse multiple bones in the ankle foot region. The surgical correction is done to correct degenerative arthritis. A Foot Surgeon Chattanooga performs certain other procedures like bunion, hammertoe and flatfoot corrections.
Other services

A foot surgeon has state licensed ambulatory surgical facility that offers the convenience of invasive surgical procedures. They also offer rehabilitation services through network of services offered by them and their allied partners. After surgery people are offered constant therapy and mental support to recover from an accident, injury, illness and surgery. These services can be broadly categorized as physical therapy, specialty programs and athlete training. Physical therapy sessions vary with different issues like arthritis therapy, foot and ankle therapy and sports therapy. The reasons for foot pain may be from trauma, diseases, wearing high heels and poor biomechanical alignment. Ankle therapy may be caused from sprain, tendinitis and fracture. In Chattanooga manual therapy is used to reduce pain and increase a wide range of motions and improve functions.

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