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What is a body lift procedure?

by gregore

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Houstonians love beautiful art - beautiful pictures, sculptures, photography. The body can be a beautiful work of art, as well. If you have been severely overweight, and have been working to make your body more beautiful through regular exercise, diet and perhaps even weight loss surgical procedures, you re to be congratulated. If, as a result of that hard work and surgery, you have been left with an excess of loose skin, you will need cosmetic surgery to tighten your skin. A full body lift procedure may be your best option.


What the procedure entails


The body lift procedure makes use of a number of cosmetic procedures, including:


• Tummy Tuck - to remove loose abdominal skin


• Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) - to remove loose arm skin


• Breast Lift (Mastopexy) - for loose breast skin


• Inner thigh lift - for loose inner thigh skin


• Outer thigh and buttock lift - for loose thigh and buttock skin


Prior to the surgeries, your body is examined and assessed to ascertain the precise quantity of skin that needs to be taken off. At this time, your surgeon will also determine the duration of the procedures. General anesthesia is employed for the surgery. The procedure can last for a period ranging from two to eight hours. The length of the procedure is conditional upon the volume of extra skin that needs to be eliminated. The process in most cases starts with a full tummy tuck before expanding out to the breasts, arms, and thighs.

Recovery expectations after the body lift procedure


Your body lift surgeon in Houston will discuss the procedure in detail with you; he or she will talk about the benefits and potential risks involved in the surgeries. Your doctor will make recommendations based on your desired outcome. You can expect to have some pain and bruising in the treated areas. The complexity of the procedure and the amount of skin removed will dictate how long the recuperation period will be. Return to work can be as early as two weeks, or as long six weeks (recommended). Physical activity, such as exercise, should wait until six to eight weeks have passed. It may take from six months to a year for the scars to be fully healed.


One of the most important benefits associated with body lift surgery in Houston is the uplift in your self-confidence. This is truly a life changing process. Not having to live with extra weight that you once had is fulfilling on many levels. You are more at ease in your clothes and with the way you look in general. When you are comfortable with your outward appearance, you are just naturally comfortable intellectually, and happier with life in general. This presents a positive emotional transition that is perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the surgery. The result is a more beautiful and happier you.

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