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Getting off Hormone Replacement Therapy the Natural Way

by anonymous

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Are you tired of taking synthetic hormone replacement therapy drugs?  Are you worried about the relationship between these drugs and breast cancer that is supported by scientific literature?  Did you know that the American Gynaecologic Association recommends HRT only as “last resort” because of this link with caner?  Were you ever given any other option????


As a Registered Nurse (AUS and USA) and certified Women’s Health Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (NCC – USA from 1990) and a menopausal woman myself (!) I have been astounded at the lack of information women are provided regarding support options during the menopausal years.  I discovered the immense value of natural medicine – particularly herbal medicines for natural hormone health initially following my own early menopause at age 40.  This, in part, led me to yet more study (my kids were saying oh no not more study!!) in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine where I gained advanced diplomas in both and have absolutely never ever looked back at HRT or for that matter most of mainstream medicine!!!  My doctor said I was nuts and would age fast. The last time I saw her she questioned me as to whether I was actually taking HRT as I looked pretty darn good!  Nope.  Thank you very much!!! Hanging in very well for nearly 54!  Thirteen years of NO HRT in menopause.  And apparently my bones are hanging in too!!  Still in “normal range” HMMMMM aren’t we all meant to get osteoporosis without HRT…..?


This is due I’m sure to my diet (been good since age 12 when I read my first book on naturopathy by Adele Davis thanks to my grand-dad who was amazing) and to yoga (yes thanks again believe it or not to my grand father who was an avid practitioner) and to herbal medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Herbs work.  Simple as that they are slow medicine – their effects are subtle but sustained.  Side effects are rare. 


So are you worried about taking drugs but need some support for your symptoms such as flushing, sweating, anxiety, memory issues and foggy brain consider the alternatives Mother Nature in Her Wisdom has given us – herbal medicines!  Go see a qualified medicinal herbalist specialising in women’s health.  I had to figure it out myself – and eventually did formal study to really figure it out! Many herbal extracts that work best are sold as “practitioner only”.  Which means they should not be readily available to non - qualified people. This is due to the fact that herbal medicine is just that – medicine.  Therefore one should be very well versed in dosages, indications, effects and contraindications.  This is why we get things called Advanced Diplomas in Western Herbal Medicine!!

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