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Financing Emerald Knight Hydroelectric Projects

by sabrinagarza

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The combustion of fossil fuels leads to pollution-related problems due to the negative impact of the hydrocarbon waste products to air quality. However, the world still relies on fossil fuels as they are high yielding and easy to transfer despite their dangers and finiteness. Promoting more sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of power generation is the ethos of Emerald Knight Consultants who find and market green projects like hydroelectric power.

Socially Responsible Investments

Emerald Knight Consultants believe in helping clients make socially responsible investments (SRI). This involves marketing projects that help fulfill social and moral obligations by promoting the use of alternative materials that protect the environment while yielding good returns. The company shuns projects that can help the weapons, tobacco, and oil industries grow further. An example of a socially responsible project may be investment in the construction of a hydroelectric dam to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel.

Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel comes from decayed organic material that has been under pressure and heat for millions of years. These hydrocarbon substances release high amounts of energy and light during combustion. Since their molecules are constructed as long carbon chains, combustion results in deadly greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Renewable Energy

Since fossil fuels take millions of years to form, we can’t physically recreate it and at some point supply will inevitably exhausts itself. The concept of renewable energy involves the utilization of sources that are constantly available, like sunlight, wind, and water. As wind and water are always moving, it makes sense to harness their kinetic energy and convert it into electricity.


Water moves in a constant cycle. Potential energy from elevated water is harnessed by dams that regulate the flow of water in large and steep rivers. The water pressure drives the turbines that spin the generator to produce electricity. This process doesn't emit any greenhouse gas, and produces electric power.

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