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Emerald Knight Projects Can Help You and the Environment

by sabrinagarza

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A carbon credit is a tradable permit that a country or an organization can use to produce a certain amount of carbon emissions. It was developed as an incentive for industries to take responsibility for—and act more responsibly on—their carbon emissions. Eventually, it is hoped, this will drive industries to minimize their emissions and ease up on their carbon-intensive operations.

Both corporations and individuals aim to reduce the carbon footprints they leave in the atmosphere, and with investments attached to it, intend to earn some profit along the way. An organization, for example, can invest in bamboo forestry project marketed through Emerald Knight company effectively getting involved in a socially responsible endeavor. Financing bamboo reforestation programs help expand the supply of alternative timber to match a growing demand, as industries take advantage of bamboo's many uses coupled with its ability to grow really fast.

Making a positive impact on the environment is not limited to governments or multinationals, though. Individuals, in their own way, can participate in carbon credit trading by investing in projects aimed at minimizing carbon emissions. Detailed below are some of the benefits of carbon credit trading and why it may be a suitable opportunity to put money into it.

Carbon credit trading financially helps any country (or company) that has less carbon emission by trading its surplus permits with another country (or company) that has significantly more carbon emissions. Some sustainable investment projects, such as tree planting and wind farms, present an opportunity for long-term returns for investors and also provides job opportunities to locals who need these projects to keep their livelihood going.

Socially responsible opportunities marketed through Emerald Knight tend to focus on projects with resources that are renewable, but also include projects where companies conduct a carbon audit on their activities to determine the amount of credits they need to invest into a credited project to make their own venture carbon neutral. An example being an oil drilling project in the USA which is marketed as the world’s first carbon neutral drilling operation.

You can learn more about other ethical opportunities and socially responsible investments from

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