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All That You Need to Know about iPad Hire

by anonymous

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So you came across the term ‘iPad Hire’ and now you are wondering if it is feasible at all. Are the rents affordable and are there any risks? We will suggest that you get acquainted with the idea of hiring one of the most advanced gadgets on our planet (available for commercial sale of course). This business is growing tremendously and prospects are high. You can avail all the goods of a device for certain number of days without actually purchasing it.

So we have come up with answers of the most frequently asked question in the segment.

What are the charges for iPad hire?

If you are talking about the rentals then they are not very high. Around $39-50 per day and $195-250 a week depending on what the renter is like. It also depends on the kind of iPad variant you are hiring and the features you want.

Coming to the delivery charges, they change all the time so you cannot actually say anything about it. The renter can better tell what postage services they are using and how much they charge to send the parcel to a particular place.

What happens if the device is returned late?

Unpredictable things happen all the time but that doesn’t mean that you should worry about it. Most rental companies understand that irregularities in schedule are normal so you can talk to them about it.

While most of the renters are pretty cool about it, some may want you to pay heavily as fine. So it would be better that you negotiate iPad hire terms beforehand. If you are lucky, only the charge for that day should settle the deal.

How to return the pad?

The best way to return an iPad is in person which is not possible always. So the second best option would be to courier or post it using secured methods. In fact most companies always prefer this method to send the device.

Some companies also offer their personalized courier delivery and pickup for you convenience. The cost is usually included in iPad hire cost but you may still want to consult.

How many pads can be rented at once?

There is no fixed number as such but renters refrain from giving out large quantities to individuals. Limited companies only get bulk hiring services but they might make an exception in some cases. You can call the customer care representatives for such information.

Are there any age restrictions?

Under most laws, minors are not allowed to hire anything. So depending on what the legal age is in your country, rules would change.

How are the payments accepted?

In most cases, iPad hire charges are taken through credit cards. Obviously that would also depend on the country you are residing in but mostly it is the cards only.

When are you charged?

You are charged fully from the first day of rental. Companies also reserve the right of charging you full cost of pad in case of damage or theft.

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