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Flushing Invading Critters Out of Your Home With Pest Contro

by irmagreer

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While it may not be obvious, you and your family are not the only occupants of your home. You actually share your home with hundreds if not thousands of other occupants who have intruded on your property without you welcoming them. These intruders come in the form of six to eight legged critters that scamper into your home and set up residence under your appliances, furniture and cracks and crevices.

Pests come in all sorts of varieties. Whether they are ants, cockroaches, spiders or termites, there is absolutely no such thing as a good pest once they make their way indoors. While there are some DIY solutions you can try, such as the use of sprays and baits, most of them are short-term solutions at best.

It is best to let the pests know that they are not welcome by contacting a West Palm Beach pest control center. A pest control agency can address common pest problems, which typically include the following:

*Ants - What makes ants so troublesome is their sheer numbers. Ants typically have a main colony outside and establish smaller nests inside the home. An exterminator can locate the main nest and destroy it on the spot.

*Mosquitos - Mosquitos are known for biting you and causing those itchy rashes. However, they are far more notorious for spreading dangerous diseases. Mosquitos become a common problem during the summer season.

*Termites - Termites essentially look like ants with wings. They are capable of tremendous structure damage. If any part of your home contains the right combination of wood and moisture, termites will likely turn that portion of the home into their next meal. A termite treatment West Palm Beach control center will detect the main colony and implement the appropriate solution.

*Rodents - Bugs and insects aren't the only issue. Small furry critters that scamper on four legs are another problem. Mice and rats can cause damage by gnawing on wood and wires. They are also a carrier of diseases like hepatitis, salmonellosis and Lyme disease.

*Bedbugs - Bedbugs are so small that they appear to the naked eye as little red and black specks. As their name suggests, they typically form a colony around mattresses and other furniture.

While pest control agencies differ on the method they use, you should opt for a company that adopts a green solution. It is best to refrain from companies that use poisonous chemicals; remember that most of the treatment will take place indoors. The last thing you want is for your home to be engulfed by chemical fumes. Going green is also better for the environment as well. More pest control agencies are beginning to adopt the use of organic compounds made from natural plant oils that kill pests but are absolutely safe for humans and pets.

Pests are freeloaders. They will gladly take up residence in your home and dine off of little scraps of food you leave exposed. Pest problems only get worse if ignored; send a message to your uninvited guests that this is their last stop by giving a pest control center a call.


Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services is a West Palm Beach pest control center that provides termite treatment West Palm Beach and other bug control services.


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