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Best Sore Penis Solutions - Coping with Masturbation Woes

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One of the most common complaints that men bring to their urologist or family doctor is the issue of a sore penis. Soreness and irritation in this delicate area is, of course, alarming – but in most cases, the solution is fairly simple and straightforward. While sexually transmitted diseases and skin infections can be a concern, the problem is often simply the result of excessive, overenthusiastic masturbation.

Fortunately, the manhood is a resilient appendage, and with the right attention to penis care, most men will find themselves fully recovered in a matter of days, ready for any action that might come their way. However, men who have a sore penis accompanied by a fever, rash, discharge, swelling or open cuts or ulcers should seek prompt medical attention.

For minor issues such as irritated skin or a red penis, the following tips can help:

1.    Give it a restPenile skin that is sore due to assertive masturbation or a particularly enthusiastic round of sex often needs nothing more than a few days off in order to heal. This solution might seem overly simplistic, but many men – especially in their teens – can find the urge to be too overwhelming and throw caution to the wind. As difficult as it may be, men may find that the most effective way to heal a sore penis is rest, relaxation, and NO touching in order to allow the aggravated tissue time to regenerate.

2.    Use a lube. Keeping a personal lubricant handy is also recommended in preventing soreness due to masturbation. It is best to look for a lube that is designed specifically for the purpose, as ordinary hand lotions, soaps and other personal care items can actually dry the skin and cause more soreness and irritation. A product that contains no fragrances, flavors or other chemical additives works best on sensitive skin.

3.    Try a kinder, gentler gripWhile it can be tempting to grab hold and go at it as hard and fast as possible, doing this can not only lead to a painful, red penis, but it can cause long-term damage to the skin and nerve cells that may eventually cause a drop in penis sensation. Experimenting with a lighter grip or mixing things up with feathers, satin, and other soft materials can help men to discover new pathways to pleasure that won’t lead to dulling of sensation.

4.    Dress for comfort and support. Wearing clothing that is too tight or is made from rough fabric, or has seams or fasteners that come in contact with the delicate penis skin, can be a serious source of discomfort that is particularly aggravating to sore penis skin. Men should choose undergarments made from soft fabrics (preferably cotton) that are breathable, but not so loose that they allow for excessive movement. Underwear should be worn at all times, as menswear fabrics such as denim, wool and synthetic materials can be too harsh on exposed skin.

5.    Use a moisture-rich penis health formula. Stressed penis skin needs extra nutrition to regenerate properly. In this respect, a targeted penis health formula  (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, E and B5, as well as energy-boosting amino acids, can help to maintain optimum penis health and function. Natural moisturizers such as Shea butter should also be on the ingredient list, as these can seal in moisture and prevent dehydration that can further irritate the skin. Applying a penis cream every day, following a bath or shower, can pack a nutrient-rich punch that can help keep the penile tissue feeling – and looking – its best.

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