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An Introduction to High-Voltage Transformer

by customcoils1

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Transformers of various configurations, dimensions and types are essential in this electronic age as we become more and more depended on various kinds of electrical equipments in our daily lives. They play an important role in providing continuous and uninterrupted power supply to domestic as well as sophisticated industrial appliances world-wide.
Transformers, as we know are devices that transform electrical energy from one circuit to another by automatically alternating voltage while distribution. Transformers are classified based on numerous parameters. However, they are broadly categorized as high voltage transformers and low voltage transformers.
As the name implies, high voltage transformers deal with high voltage and are used in power transmissions where high voltage is essential. These kinds of transformers can handle electrical energy that ranges between 600 to 5,000 Volts.
Specifications of HV Transformer
Following are the common specifications of a HV transformer. These specifications must be considered before choosing them in various applications.

  • Output Voltage up to 60 KV
  • Output Power up to 2000 VA
  • Switching - up to 100 KHz
  • Input: 115, 57 to 63 Hz 115/230V, 47 to 63 Hz

Applications of HV Transformers
The numerous applications of these kinds of transformers include:

  • Electrostatic industrial applications
  • Scientific applications
  • CRT displays
  • Medical equipments 
  • Amplifiers
  • Telephone network
  • Measurement instruments
  • Industrial controls
  • Power supplies
  • Motorized gates

Besides these applications, they are also used in isolation transformers like step-up and step-down.
It is must to have proper winding techniques that range from multi-layer coil to multi-section bobbins to make it reliable. In addition, usage of high-quality materials is also important to assemble these kinds of transformers in order to achieve high efficiency in operations.
Flyback Transformers for Cathode Ray Tubes
A flyback transformer, also known as line output transformer is used to provide high voltage DC current to cathode ray tube of electrical device like television. It was invented for the purpose of controlling the horizontal movement of the electron beam in the cathode ray tube. A flyback, which is a kind of high voltage transformer, is used mainly in the opeartion of CRT display devices like television sets and computer monitors. These high voltage transformers are suitable for the operation of a television set as the cathode ray tube of the TV set operates only in high voltage. These are step-up auto transformers and are light-weight and reliable. The voltage and frequency of these transformers vary depending on the type of device.